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Friday, September 13, 2013


We spent the whole day driving through the Everglades to our delivery near Miami. Along the way I saw several alligators. Pops never woke up to see them.
When we got to our delivery, which was "on the wrong side of the tracks", if you get my drift, there were shots fired and everyone ran inside the building. I was sitting in the truck with the AC running and didn't hear them. Pops came out and said, "let's go." Then he told me about the shots. He said it sounded like it was just around the corner.
We got to go back across route 75, which is nicknamed, "alligator Alley." Pops got to see some this time. We also saw a few snakes, a herd of wild pigs and a toucan.
The next morning we were still in Florida driving toward Atlanta and we ran into huge swarms of bugs. They were two black bugs with red heads stuck together. I looked them up on the Internet. They are Lovebugs. They swarm the end of April, beginning of May and again the end of August beginning of September. It was disgusting what our truck and windshield looked like.
We had a load before we reached Atlanta.

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