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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time at Home

Pops and I did get a load that was coming east. It was going to Virginia. So we made that delivery and I was getting real excited to go home. Our layover option was to go to Harrisburg and to get paid for that we had to stay there for at least 12 hours. So that is what we did.
Our truck was due for inspection so we thought that we might as well have that done to help pass some time. So we went to the garage at the truckstop and they inspected our truck. But to our disappointment it did not pass. We found out that we had an exhaust leak. So we left there and decided to get the work done while home.
We made an appointment for our truck the next day in Bedford which was on our way home to get our generator fixed and to see if they could get us the pipe for our truck. They could but what we didn't know was that we would be there all day long.
As the day went on and on and we waited for the parts to come and the work to get done, it began to snow and sleet. And by 9pm when we left there it was a downright blizzard.
We didn't have any problems traveling until we turned off the main highway on our rural roads. We knew immediately that we had made a mistake. And sure enough we got ourselves in a mess. We couldn't make it up one of the hills.
Pops was driving and he kept the truck moving, inching up the hill. But it was clear that without some  intervention we weren't going to make it. I did not was to try to back down the hill because half way down was a very sharp curve.
A man was watching us out one of the windows of his house. Before long I saw him coming through the yard pushing a wheelbarrow full of ashes. He began to throw shovelfuls of ashes under our rear wheels and we gained enough traction to make it up the hill. We never even got to thank him for helping us although Pops did blow the airhorn.
We had a very treacherous and scary ride home but we did finally make it and I was so glad to be there. My nerves were shot and I just wanted to go off and cry or something. But after I had gotten a shower and settled down it was all good.
We at such a nice time at home.
Our holidays was spent with just our family. Over the weekend we celebrated with Bill's kids. I always enjoy having them around. It was a nice time.
On Sunday we went to church at Wills Mountain and I cannot express how happy I am to get there to be with all my wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. There is nowhere else I would rather be on this earth.
During the day on Monday my bestfriend and sister, Amy and her whole family came down for a visit. We exchanged gifts and ate some good food. They didn't stay very long though because it started to sleet and get nasty.
Monday was Christmas Eve and this is traditionally the time when our family has it's celebration. I was really missing my dad since this is the first Christmas since he has passed away. But Drew and Shelby and Tom came up and Bill and Starla were here and we had a really good time.
I love my kids. I love my family more than they know.
Tuesday, Christmas Day was a quiet day. It was me and Pops and Bill and Starla. We spent the day just doing odd and end things and really just relaxing. Of course there was so much good food too.
Wednesday was Pops' Dr. appointment. We were so very happy that he wasn't going to have to wear this nasty catheter anymore.
When we got there, they filled his bladder with water and removed the catheter. We waited for him to pee but nothing happened. Okay.
The Dr. convinced us that Pops had a problem with his prostate and that he needed some medicine that would shrink it and he would be able to pee. So we left there with high hopes and a new medicine.
We got home and Pops still didn't pee. We waited and waited and waited and nothing happened other than he was in pain and misery. So by 3am we were in the car headed to the ER to get another catheter. Great.
Pops had an appointment on Jan 12 and 2 weeks worth of medicine so he decided to live with the catheter until then. So we spent the rest of the holiday week at home.
It was such a nice time other than the prostate problem. But we are trusting God and many are praying for him, so it will all be good.
We stayed home throughout the holiday and got a trip that was picking up on January 2nd in Wilmington, DE going to Huntsville, Alabama.

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