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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well that layover didn't last long. We got a load that was picking up in Collegeville, PA and going to Cambridge, ON. Well, first of all, where is collegeville?
We looked it up and found out that it is near Allentown. So we set out through the rush hour traffic to get to our pick up on time. I was driving and made it there on time. I had to go inside with Pops too because of the Canadian paperwork involved. I drove into the evening and then Pops took over.
Our delivery was scheduled for 3am and really we thought that we would have to wait until 7 or 8 but sure enough they took it off at 3am and we were on our way right back out of Canada.
We had only traveled a few miles toward Buffalo when we got a load offer. It was picking up near Detroit and we would have to change our direction immediately but we didn't get that load. Within another few minutes we got another load offer. This time it was picking up in the state of New York and going to Tar Heel, NC. So we took that load and got it.
We were hauling foam meat trays to a big name meat packaging company. But what I didn't realize was that this company handled meat from start to finish. What I mean by that is that while we were at the guard shack waiting to be allowed in, a truckload of LIVE pigs came in right beside us.
Oh now I was disgusted. I was thinking MEAT, not animals. Now don't get goofy on me, I understand what meat is, it's what you buy in the stores, right? It comes on foam trays and wrapped in cellophane. I do not ever want to think about animals and meat at the same time. NEVER! Meat is meat, animals are cute and nice.
I could not stand being in this place now. All I could think about was those pigs. I asked Pops after about 1/2 hour if he thought they were all dead yet. Ugh! I so badly wanted to go rescue those pigs. But I just sat there until we were unloaded.
Oh well, it is what it is.
The next morning I ate my bacon like a good little girl, never even giving it another thought.
We had a nice layover in North Carolina. It gave us a good chance to get rested up and get laundry done. I also got some of my bill paying, organizing, and some other chores caught up on.
We are in Virginia now. We are picking up a load here tomorrow. It is gum packaging and it is going to Ontario.
We found a church to attend this morning. We called to find out times and about parking. Of course, as usual, no one answered the phone and so Pops left a message.
We didn't hear anything until this morning, we got a phone call telling us they were sorry but no parking was available to us. So we did a good study on Satan's tricks to cause us doubt, fear and worry and how to battle that. We also listened to one of our sermon CDs that we have with us. We were given over 100 sermons by a good friend and when I was getting one out we realized that we had only used about 11 of those. I am so very, very thankful for them. Sometimes, like today we need them, but I am happy that in 18 months or so, we have only had to use 11 of them.
We are always glad when we find a good church to attend and God has been so faithful to provide one for us. But like today, we seem to always hear a good sermon meant just for us. Thank you, Lord.

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