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Friday, April 20, 2012

Doug and Sheree

We were very tired when we got home on Friday. We both carried in all of our belongings and put a load of clothes into the washing machine. Starla told us that she has been having some trouble with the machine not draining properly.
I went and showered right away and when I was done Pops showered. By then I checked the washer and sure enough it had not drained any of the water. Oh boy and I have about 4 loads with all our bed clothes and rugs.
Oh well, we’ll worry about that tomorrow. Starla had invited Doug and Sheree Conley over for supper. Doug is the new evangelist at Meyersdale church. Sheree is his wife. We have never met them in person but are friends with them on facebook. Pops is the one that suggested Doug contact Meyersdale for a job.
Starla made spaghetti and salad for supper and Sheree brought garlic bread. It was good, and the company was great. It was so good to meet them and spend time with them. They said that they are very happy with the Meyersdale congregation and we feel that it was a perfect match. We wish them well there.
Saturday morning we attended a meeting at the church for upcoming Camp Meeting. There was a continental style breakfast served and the meeting seemed very productive. Wills Mt. hosts this Preaching in the Mountains family camp every year and every year is getting better and better. More of our local congregations are getting involved and that makes it so good. I am so excited for Camp Meeting this year. We have, as usual, a good lineup of speakers.
Sunday was Resurrection Day. And so our church was full. We had 105 in attendance. It was a good service. We watched a presentation from Buck Ryan about a program he started in Manchester, KY called Reaching Children for Christ aka RC4C.
Buck also was our guest speaker that day and since he used to be our evangelist at Wills Mt. in was so good to hear him again.
After our regular service Buck and our elders, Pops, Ralph and Melvin ordained Chad Fatula into the Ministry. It was a nice but short ceremony and I’m sure it meant so much for Chad. I am honored that Wills Mt. got to have a part in ordaining such a wonderful man into the ministry. Chad is so dedicated already to serving the Lord. I can see that good things will happen with him being here.
On Sunday evening before Chad’s message the youth group gave a presentation of the crucifixion. It was so moving that many in the congregation had tears. I am so proud of the youth at Wills Mt. They are really coming along and have a good desire to take part in serving God.
On Monday morning Starla and I met up with our good friends, Ruth and Carol. I just love these ladies so very much. I am ever thankful for God for bringing their friendship into my life. We had a great visit but time always goes by so quickly when we are together, but a very good thing came of our visit. They both recommended an appliance repairman that just happened to work right across the street from where we had breakfast. So after our visit Starla and I walked over there and made an appointment with Vernon to come on Wednesday morning.
Tuesday morning Pops, Starla and I got up early so that we could go to the hospital in Somerset and visit and pray for a dear friend before she had shoulder surgery. Mary Meekins has already had one shoulder done recently and was now having the other one done. We did get to spend a little time with her and her husband, Bill and have prayer for her before she was taken back for surgery.
After that we took ALL of our dirty laundry to the Laundromat. It didn’t take long to get everything washed and then we took it home to dry it.
We got to go to Wednesday evening services at Wills Mt. We hadn’t gotten to go into service because we couldn’t pick up our truck from the garage until Thursday morning.
By Thursday afternoon we had a load picking up in Cleveland on Friday morning and going to Rochester, MN for Monday.
It was an easy trip for us. We picked up an artificial heart machine from the Cleveland Clinic. It was a very sensitive piece of equipment.
We had plenty of time to get to our destination so we didn’t hurry. We stopped several times along the route and enjoyed some areas that we had been to before but couldn’t stay long. We like La Crosse, WI and we got to spend all of Saturday afternoon in that area.
On Saturday evening we were at a truck stop less than 8 miles from our destination. We had located a church that was only 3 miles from us. We drove over and checked out whether or not we would have parking and saw that we would.
We drove over a little early on Sunday morning so that we could get parked before too many people came. We were greeted by several people and made to feel very welcome. We made fast friends with one of the elders, Mike Clement and his wife, Joan.
The evangelist is Rick Walston. He has been with this congregation for about 2 years and he preached a good sermon. Of all of the places that we have visited this church and this congregation was most like ours back home.
After service Mike and Joan offered to take us out to eat and so we all loaded into their car and drove to Culvers Restaurant. I had never eaten there and it was good. It was so nice to be with them and get to know them better. After lunch they were taking communion to some shut ins. So they delivered us back to our truck and we drove back to the rest area.
Later that evening we drove closer to our destination and slept. It was very stormy all night. There was thunder, lightening, and very heavy rainstorms. Our truck rocked back and forth all night long.  

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