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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We was hoping to make it to Golden Isle Christian Church to worship and fellowship with Joe Guthrie and his wife, Eleanora. But because we had to wait on our load in Massachusetts we didn't make it until four in the afternoon. They did have an evening service that started at five so we made it for that.
It was so good to see Joe and his lovely wife. I haven't seen them since last June.
Everyone there was so incredibly friendly to us. A Miss LuAnn even gave me some dog treats for our dogs.
We got to have communion, we sang some songs and heard a man sing two special numbers that I enjoyed. Then Grant taught us a lesson from the book of Jeremiah. It was very interesting and very easy to follow even though we came in on Chapter 25.
I enjoyed being there so much. It was a shame we couldn't spend more time with them, but I praise God for once again bringing us to a good place of worship.

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