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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The rest of the trip

Right after that Pops began to drive and immediately it began to snow,....hard. We were almost to the summit of a mountain and we saw a jack knifed truck, but we were moving okay so we went right around it. But now we were going downhill. Pops downshifted and we went slowly down the mountain. By the time we reached the bottom we had seen six more trucks that was hung up and couldn't get up the mountain.
We were in Utah now and we stopped at a rest area. They had solar powered pole lights. I have not ever seen those before. I thought that was genius.
Then I went to sleep as Pops drove us through Utah.
When I woke up we had just entered into Idaho. He got a red light at one of the weigh stations and then they pulled us to the back. Oh no, what could the problem be?
Well, it turns out that we needed a special hazmat permit to travel through Idaho and our company had overlooked that detail. So we forked out the cost and were on our way. I emailed our company and informed them of what had happened and asked if we needed any other permits. It turns out that we did need one for British Columbia.
Then I began driving again. I drove us through Oregon across the Oregon trail on route 84. It was a great ride. Of course there was one huge mountain with a pass called, 'Deadman Pass.' At the top there were 3 different warning signs to descend in low gear. It was funny because the signs said, "this is your first warning, descend in low gear." "this is your second warning..." "This is your third and final warning, ..." Well, it was pretty evident why as soon as I reached the first turn. It is called Cabbage Hill and it is very high and very steep and the whole way down you can see out over for what seems like infinity. It really was more beautiful than scary this time and besides I was only going 37 mph.
So I continued through Oregon and on into Washington.
Pops finally started to drive after I crossed the very high Mt. Baker. It has a ski resort called, "Snowqualmie." I believe it boasted an elevation of 11,900ft. So I was glad to turn over the wheel.
We drove through Washington past Seattle and into British Columbia with no more issues. We spent the night at our delivery site and then made our delivery early the next morning and was back to Seattle by lunch time.
We found a truckstop at the base of Mt. Baker and parked for layover. It was awesome to look out the windshield and windows and see such big mountains rising all around us. What a great job.

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