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Thursday, February 9, 2012


We got a load that was picking up at Sea-Tac. That is the Seattle, Tacoma airport at the Fedex Hub. It was going to Los Angeles for the next day.
It was a pretty day and I was liking being in the pacific northwest. I love the forests. But we got moving and soon was driving through Seattle.
Mt. Ranier is probably the most famous mountain in the state of Washington and it is clearly visible from just about anywhere near Seattle. Although I tried very hard to get a good picture it wasn't easy. Remember we are always moving.
After we picked up our load and was traveling down the interstate it seemed like we no sooner lost sight of Mt. Ranier when we started to see Mt. St. Helens. The Cascade range was on our left side for most of our drive through Washington and then also through Oregon. It is a very snowy mountain range. I couldn't get any pictures of Mt. St. Helens.
But then Mt. Hood came into view. It was my favorite. It came up to a point and seemed to stand alone although I know better than that.
We continued to watch the beautiful forests of pines go by. The day was fantastic. It was sunny and the temperature was in the high 50's. We even saw people mowing their grass.
I saw field after field of sheep, thousands of sheep. Many of them with little ones running along side of them. Some the ewes had two or three little ones. What is it about little lambs that make you just want to pick them up and squeeze?
We were entering into northern California when I went to sleep.
When I woke up Pops told me that I missed some wonderful scenery especially in the Mt. Shasta area. He said that it was snowing and the mountain is very steep, but the moon was so bright and it illuminated the peaks of the mountains and was something to see even in the dark.
We reached Los Angeles the next afternoon. It was sunny and 76 degrees. We made our delivery and before we got moving we turned on our air conditioner.
Flowers and shrubs were blooming all over LA. Wow, it was gorgeous.
We were now on layover and were told to stay in LA. We are allowed to be within 50 miles when on layover so we decided to drive back the interstate in the direction that we had just come from because we saw a truckstop a ways back and it was mostly out of the city area.
But it was Superbowl Sunday and when we got back to that truckstop there was no where to park because everyone was in there watching the game. So we had to drive further. We ended up about 80 out of the city but our company allowed it once we explained what happened.
So we were on interstate 5 up in the mountains just outside LA. We spent all day Monday there and then got a load on Tuesday. It was picking up in LA and going to Salt Lake City, UT.
We picked up that load and got moving. Traffic was a little heavy but we still got out pretty easily.
We drove and drove and soon were traveling through Las Vegas, NV. It was dark and the city was all lit up.
It sure was something. It seemed that each casino was vying for your attention. Something somewhere was always flashing or shining. As we drove past the casino parking lots we saw thousands and thousands of cars. I could not believe my eyes. Why on earth so many people. I just hate the thoughts of what all goes on in this city.
I just wonder if God's angels could find just 10 righteous men....
We delivered in Salt Lake City and now are on layover. It isn't warm and I don't see any flowers but I do still see mountains, wonderful mountains rising up to the sky right in front of us.
It seems we've been west of the Rockies for a long time now. Wonder what is next?

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