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Monday, February 6, 2012

Glenwood canyon

Not so very long after coming down from Loveland Pass I entered into another area that I remembered from our first trip out west.
It was the dreaded canyon that I had traveled through in the dark last time. Remember I was afraid because I could feel the canyon walls on both sides of me and could see that below me in the canyon ran a river and a train track but couldn't tell how far down and rarely saw the oncoming traffic and wondered about that.
Well this time it was still mostly daylight so I figured that it would be better.
The canyon walls do feel like they are closing in on you in some spots. The roadway is built up on cement pillars that hugs the canyon wall and the oncoming traffic is actually underneath you on their own roadway. The river and railroad are sometimes pretty level with you but sometimes they are far down depending on the depth of the canyon in any particular spot. There are at least 4 tunnels that go through the canyon walls in places where the walls stick out too far to go around.
The canyon is 13 miles long. And at times is so deep that while driving you cannot look out your window and see the top. It is quite an experience even in the daylight and I could see why I had let imagination run crazy last time in the dark.
You know God's beauty is very evident in nature. We see it everyday. But sometimes the sheer heights of the mountains or the mighty rush of a waterfall or the violent force of a tornado just can take your breath away.
The best part of our job is getting to see so much of our country together and just be in awe at the sights that we see. God is so real. How can anyone doubt?

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