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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Geronimo's Story

Rhonda Ryan
Question: When we found Geronimo in Portsmouth, NH we were only going to keep him with us until we passed by Geronimo, TX. Well that time has come. Shall we keep Geronimo or leave him in TX?

Starla Perdew He's a keeper!!!
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Bill Perdew i say keep him or you will miss him
Deby Lyons better let it up to him lol
September 30 at 9:01pm · LikeUnlike
Terry Strickler Leave him.
Starla Perdew Well mom....guess u got ur answer
Thomas Ryan Leave him, Pick up a new traveler.
Frank King If you had more time I could take you to his grave
Rhonda Ryan Next time for sure.
Pops ran a similar story with similar results on his Facebook page.

Geronimo Stays!!!
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Amy Gardner Bence you can always ditch Geronimo and take Amy, I don't take up to much space
Bill Ryan Now we need to find him a mate.
Deby Lyons sorry i forget what her name was but i think he had 2 i think the first one passed and he remarried.. I could b wrong idkfor sure
Thomas Ryan He had many wives.
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