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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another busy Week

Another busy week, our delivery was in Brownwood, Texas and we made that delivery very early on Sunday morning and then made our way back toward San Antonio. We traveled through a small, hunting town of Brady, Texas. It is apparent that Brady caters to hunting parties. Pops wanted to stop at the shops there but it was a little too early and nothing was open, except Walmart, so we stopped there and I bought some groceries. We saw quite a few deer all around that area.
As we continued through the country, we passed through Fredricksburg, Texas. It was a town that was very pretty. Most of the stores and town buildings were constructed from white stone. And they were having a festival of some sort and many people were selling things along the street. I saw a homemade quilt that I would have liked to look at a little better, but we didn’t stop.
We finally made it to San Antonio around noon and we were tired. Pops and I went inside the truckstop for a shower and to get something to eat. We also did some laundry and then a quick nap before church.
We went to Evers Road Christian Church for Sunday evening service. It was good seeing the people there again and we enjoyed a lesson on Samuel. I like it when we get to return to a place where we liked previously and where we have kept in contact with at least one person. We stayed around after service for a little while and visited with some of the people there.
On Monday morning we got up early because we needed some truck repairs and we were scheduled to pick up a load later that afternoon. We met Tate and Shirley (our truck owners) at another exit and left our truck there for some minor repairs while we went to breakfast.
After breakfast they took us to see the truck that they plan to put us in within the next few weeks. It is a little newer than the one we have now. It is similar to ours inside although Tate did purchase a small freezer for us and it has a burner on the counter and a toilet. It seems to have a lot of storage too. I think that we will like that truck. It needs some work done to the front end and some other repairs which is why it is there now. Then Shirley wants to get inside and clean it up for us.
After we had a good look at that truck they took us and our dogs to their home. Lucy had a blast there. She spent the afternoon in search of small critters. Chucky just enjoyed being out of the truck, he mostly liked rolling in the grass. Pops loved the land and the pond. His wheels were thinking of hunting as usual.
Tate was telling him about the 4 panthers that they had watched come and drink from the pond during the drought and then they would go lay under the trees in the shade. He also told us about the turkeys and wild hogs that have come in also.
We got to listen in on a conference call our company was having with some of the driver/owners about the new flat rate program for the Surface/express drivers which is what we are. We are not flat rate though and I think the flat rate drivers are hurting us. They are taking loads for lower rates than we can which means they get the loads while we sit. But it didn’t sound like the conference call was going in favor of flat rates either. We didn’t get to hear the entire call though because it was time for us to go pick up our load.
We were predispatched on a load picking up in San Antonio and going to Oklahoma City.
We picked up our load at Kelly Field which is a lot of military. It was a load of airplane parts. We are now going to Tinker Air Force Base. I noticed that it would only be 15 miles out of route to go through Lawton, OK. My Aunt Eileen lives there. We have plenty of time built in our delivery. Maybe we can visit with her. I’ll give her a call.

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