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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Air Force Base

Our trip to the Air Force Base turned out to be quite an ordeal. We were directed by Gypsy to go to the wrong entrance and so at the gate to the base I had to turn around in very tight spaces and go to the truck gate.
Once we found the truck gate we had to get out so our truck could be inspected. We had to wait inside a big, wooden box.
Then we didn't know where to go so we waited for someone to help us with directions. And they took us the whole way to the other side of base to a building that was on our directions from our company. But that was not the right building.
So we were told to go back across the base to the other side of the airport to a big building over there. But that building was so big and there were no directions telling us where to go there. So Pops got out and went inside. He was gone for about 45 minutes when I saw him come back riding on a golf cart with two other men. One of the men got into our truck with us and guided us to where we were supposed to go. I could not believe how big that building was.
We got unloaded and had to drive clear back around the base to the truck gate to exit.
Now we were late for our next pre-dispatch that was on the other side of Oklahoma City at the main airport. We finally got over there and got loaded but it took a long to do our departure call because this load was a hazmat load going into Canada. After at least an hour we got moving.
Wow, this was going to be some trip. We really had to keep moving. We drove through the remainder of Oklahoma, through Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and then crossed the border.
We are going to Edmonton, Alberta so now we still have about 900 miles to go. Oh boy.
We did here early this morning and found our delivery sight fairly easily. It didn't take long to unload either so now we are sitting at a truckstop waiting.
I hope we get a load from here although we have been here since 10:30am our time and it is now 5:30 and we haven't had any load offers yet.
If we don't get a load by morning we will deadhead back to the states. I really hope our company can get us something from here.
It is a very cold, dreary day here. And I drove through a wind/dust storm for about 80 miles on our way here. It was all I could do to keep the truck on the road.
But we have had a busy week and I am willing to enjoy this break although I wish I could use my phone to talk. I did pay for the internet here, so at least I can connect to my friends and family back home. But honestly, I have never felt further away from all those that I love.
I guess that's because I have never been further away from those I love.

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