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Friday, September 23, 2011


We were dispatched on a trip from NJ to Saskatchewan. I was excited because it meant we would be traveling through North Dakota. So far we’ve not been there and also Saskatchewan a new province for us too.
I then learned that we would be traveling only 10 miles from a town called Rouleau aka, Dog River. Oh my, could it be true? I asked Pops if we could please, please, please go to Dog River.
Dog River is a fictional town but home to one of my favorite TV shows. Rather than me bore you with details I have printed the article from Wikipedia.
And I have a good many pictures of our visit there.
The gas station and restaurant are not real, but the full size actual set is there on location. The Police station in the show is a real Ice Cream/coffee shop called The Stoop and the owner is a really nice guy who took a lot of time talking with us. He sells merchandise with the shows logo and also owns a lot of props from the show including the actual uniforms worn by Karen and Davis, the police officers.
Davis’ police car is parked right outside of there.
We enjoyed our time there. It was a definite highlight to this trip to Canada.
I thank my daughter, Starla and my good friend, Keenan for getting me to watch this show in the first place.

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