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Friday, September 16, 2011

Home time

Well we were home for two weeks and really enjoyed our time off. We kept busy though catching up on chores around the house, church and camp ground.
Pops spent a lot of his time painting at the camp ground with some other men from our church.
Bill had pressure washed the porches and decks, so we helped him get them stained. We pruned, mowed, moved dirt and just some needed stuff. But it was food for the soul to work around the house.
We had our family dinner with the boys and Bill and Starla. I made the buffalo burgers, the ostrich burgers, deep fried the alligator nuggets, made some venison sausage, boudin, boiled some shrimp with potatoes and corn on the cob and a couple of side dishes. Everyone got to try some of each and we ate until we were stuffed.
I preferred the buffalo and my least favorite was the alligator. But trust me, nothing was wasted.
I got to meet Bullet. He is my son's new puppy. He is a silver lab and is just absolutely adorable. I saw him twice while I was home and couldn't believe how much he had grown in between.
It was so wonderful to see the boys. I love and miss them so very much. But they are doing well and that makes me happy.
I always enjoy getting to stay with Bill and Starla. They sure are being tested but their faith is strong. I wish that I was around more to be there for them though. But they are getting great support from their church family. I am so proud of their faith in the Lord.
We got to see our step-grandkids, Kailey and Hunter and had a good time with them except Kailey had a cold and wasn't feeling very well. We missed seeing Allison.
Starla and I got to visit with two very special friends that we used to work with, Ruth and Carol. We met them for lunch and got to chat with them for a while. I love you guys so much.
I got to visit with my dad and my brother for a little while too.
I spent some time with my sister, whom I love dearly. She got a new job at a bakery and the donuts she makes are good.
The annual pig roast that our church holds for the benefit of the camp grounds was on Saturday, the 10th of September. We always have a good time there. The food was so good. I love bbq pulled pork and the chicken halves were perfect. Good job to the men who cooked.
We had a wonderful church service on Sunday morning and again Sunday evening. I loved being with my church family. I really hate to leave them when the time comes.
Our good friend, Jeff, got sick and had to go to the hospital on Sunday evening. He was having breathing problems, but thank God he didn't have to stay in very long.
Our truck owners brought us our truck to the house and we got to visit with them for a few hours. Then we went to Ruby Tuesday's to get something to eat and Starla went along. It was nice.
So now we are back to work. And we are having a slow start. We only had two loads this week. We are sitting at a rest area in New Hampshire hoping that we still might get a load out of here, but if not we will attending the Riverside Christian Church in Merrimack, NH on Sunday.
I am glad to be back to work, but I so miss my family and friends already.

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