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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back at it

Well, I figure it’s about time that I blog something or I’m going to have a few upset with me.
We had a slow start to being back to work. We only had two loads last week. And neither one was a very great load.  Our first load went to South Carolina. We like to go there mainly because we usually get away from there quickly and the weather is most always enjoyable. We did end up waiting a little while for a dispatch but got a  load picking up in North Carolina and going to New Hampshire.
When we got to our pickup the load was not ready so we waited and we waited and we waited some more; so much for expediting. We were hauling 146 cases of ladies and girls tights. Some of them were big designer names too. It seems the hot color for the year is something called wineberry. Guess I’ll get me some of those so I can be in style. Haha
Anyway, finally the load was ready and we took it to New Hampshire. We delivered to a town just north of Concord. It was after hours there so I left the dogs out without leashes and they explored. After we were unloaded we headed back to mile marker one just inside the New Hampshire state line to a rest area where we always stay.
I had picked up a head cold and was feeling pretty miserable for 2 days already and by now Pops was beginning to sneeze and sniffle too. It was Thursday evening and we settled in for the night. We went all day Friday without getting a load that interested us so we knew we were here for the weekend. It seems that the people of New England don’t work on weekends. We have never gotten a weekend load from there. Oh well, we would be able to go to church in Merrimack at the Riverside Christian church, we have friends there.
So Friday I cleaned and organized and was pretty content. I finished one of my new novels and started the second one of the series. Pops cleaned the back of the truck and messed around all the toolboxes on the outside. We got a lot done. And I was feeling better, he was feeling worse.
Saturday was a nice day, weather wise, so I opened all the windows thinking I would “air out” the germs. Pops worked at church stuff on the telephone all day. Towards evening he played cards with Gypsy.
I finished another book. I also got in contact with Jacqui, a friend from Riverside, she told me that they were having a 20th anniversary celebration after church the next day. It was going to be a pot luck dinner. Now I was excited.
But when the alarm went off on Sunday morning Pops was so sick. He was coughing so much I thought he might pass out and he was so raspy and congested. I was really afraid for him. He slept all morning and never woke up until after lunchtime even while I cooked and cleaned around him. Even while he coughed and choked, he didn’t wake up.
I listened to a CD sermon by Bruce Goosman. It was titled, Who is Jesus? It was very good and I am so appreciative of Keenan Goosman giving us all those CDs for times such as this when we can’t make it to  church.
So Pops rested all day on Sunday. And by Monday was feeling a lot better

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