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Monday, April 25, 2011

What is most important to me

Ahh, it is so good to be home.
I was so wanting to get here. To be honest, Pops and I prayed to God that He would allow us to be home for Resurrection Sunday, but if not that we could at least be in one of the churchs where we had made good friends already. We did not want to be in a congregation where we didn't know anyone for this particular Lord's day.
We worked our trips until by Thursday morning we were in Kentucky. And we were hopeful.
But our hopes slowly faltered as load offers kept coming with none going east.
We had many load opportunities all day Thursday as we waited near Lexington, Ky. Nothing was getting us any closer and they really wanted us to take a couple of loads that were going real far away. But they were very understanding when we explained that we wanted to go home, they just couldn't get us a load going that way.
By Friday the load offers were slowing down and after 4pm they were basically non existant. I was beginning to slump my shoulders. I was quiet but still somewhat hopeful. As the evening wore on though my mood changed with the weather.
We kept hearing over the radio of sightings of funnel clouds and warnings to seek significant shelter. Of course Pops' view of this was, "just buckle your seatbelt." Are you kidding me? We are sitting in a truck at a nearly empty truckstop and you want to "ride out" the storm. I have seen what tornadoes do to trailerparks.
And I was losing hope of getting to go home.
Pops called his brother, Buck and made arrangements for us to visit with them on Sunday and join with their congregation for worship. I was glad to be going where we knew someone and it was family, but my heart was so heavy with wanting to be with our church family and my kids. I about couldn't stand the weight of it. I tried to be a little cheerful because I knew that Pops was happy about getting to spend some time with his brother and when he was invited to go turkey hunting with him, he was really happy. So then it was settled. I called home and left my kids know that we would not be coming. :(
It was close to 8:30pm and Pops called FedEx one last time. He asked them if there were any possibility of a load for us and he was told that "no, everything was pretty much shut down until Monday morning with a very slight chance of a load or two, maybe, in the morning."
So by 9:00 I sulked my way back to the bunk and prepared myself for a big, fat pity party. I didn't cry real tears but my heart was crying out big sobs. I tried to not let my sorrow show too much, because I didn't want Pops to feel bad and I felt like God was answering our previous prayers to "at least be where we knew someone." If God was answering that prayer, how could I not be grateful?
At 10:05 we got the signals from our phone and our C-link computer that a load became available. Could we hope? Sure enough it was a load that would take us close enough to home that we could be there be noon on Saturday.
We looked at all of the information and the pickup time was not good for us. We were too far away to get the pickup on time. We had already lost one load this week for that reason. But we pressed "accept" into our C-link and waited.
We got the load!!! But Pops decided he better call them to make sure that we could do it because of the time. They allowed for that and bumped our time by 1 hour. Oh Hallelujah! We are going home.
We were picking up 2 crates of plastic milk caps (blue ones and green ones) and taking them to a big dairy in Ohio. I am so thankful to everyone who drinks milk. I really appreciate that you have all contributed to me getting to come home, especially those of you who drink the blue and green capped kind. I am so glad that the dairy just had to have those two crates of lids by Saturday morning early. Oh how happy you have made me.
So by noon on Saturday we were home. It feels so good, so right to back our truck into the driveway and unload everything into the house. There truly is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!
I got to see Hunter. He is our step-grandson. The girls weren't here, and I missed them. I love those kids so much and think of them so often.
We spent a nice afternoon and evening with Bill and Starla. We cooked and prepared for our dinner tomorrow and I got 3 heaps of laundry done. Later we drove in town for an ice cream cone.
It felt amazing to sleep in my own bed. It is so big. Ahhh!
I woke up really early Sunday morning and quietly caught up on some TV shows that I like. Starla had recorded them for me. I loved watching how these TV moms could say whatever needed to be said to her children and even if they got upset, it was all settled in an hour and everyone was fine. I wish life was really like that.
I got to go to church early to be with the First Place group. These women will never ever be able to realize how very much they mean to me. They are without a doubt, Jesus with skin on for me. I love them and cherish their friendship. Their words of love and encouragement keep me going. I wish and pray that more women in our congregation would attend this group. What they have taught me and shared with me is priceless. There is a love there that really can't be compared with anything else. I believe it is the Agape love that God would want all of us to have for each other, but for whatever reasons we don't have with everyone.
This group of ladies are so imtimately knowing of each other. Nothing is hidden, nothing is unshared and nothing is shared outside of there. We have security with each other. We have a bond, we have love, we have therapy. I love all of you.
Our Sunday School and Worship were good. The children did some specials and some of the adults did too. I love Wills Mountain. This church family is so important to me that I was heart broken thinking I wouldn't be here. Thank God, I was.
Then after church we had dinner as a family. Pops, myself, Bill and Starla, Tom and Drew. I was so happy. My family and my church, the two most important things in my life.


collettakay said...

Love it! And love you too!!

Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

Glad you made it home. Church and family, that's where it's at for me too!!