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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stormy weather

We have been in bad weather all week so far.
Monday we left home for Meadville, PA to Boston, MA. We haul laminated glass for touch screens. Before we even got there we were offered another load picking up downtown Boston going to Rochester, NY.
Remember the time Gypsy gave us fits in downtown Boston? Well we were going to that same exact place only this time she helped the whole way and in was daylight and we had some recollection of where it was, piece of cake.
Except that we sat in rush hour traffic and it took 2 1/2 hours to drive 29 miles! How would you like to do that everyday. No wonder men tie nooses around their necks each morning, just in case they can't take it anymore, hahaha.
Anyway, we did okay and the drive to Rochester across route 90 through the Berkshire, Adirondack Mts. was amazing. It was a gorgeous day for a drive.
I did the driving while Pops tried to sleep. He is having trouble again with that. Pray for him. Anyway, we followed alongside the Erie Canal and the Mohawk River for many miles. The Erie Canal connects the Hudson River to Lake Erie. I saw many of the locks that lift or lower boats to allow passage through the canal.
The Mohawk River Valley is very pretty. The River is wide and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.
We Got to Rochester in the evening and it was a quiet place. There didn't seem to be many workers, I never saw any. So the dogs and I played in the parking lot until Pops was finished getting us unloaded. Then on the road again. By this time, the rain and storms had hit. It was terrible. There were thunder and lightening and flash flooding. Wow, a parking lot at a truckstop had over a foot of water. There trucks looked like they were sitting in a lake. All the fields looked like lakes too.
Then we got another load right away again. It picked up in Mt.Pocono, PA and was going to Memphis, TN.
The town of Mt.Pocono is a small tourist town, but nice and charming. Although I am not too impressed in cold weather and skiiing. The shops looked really neat though.
We picked up at a high security place, hauling medical supplies. We had to be given security badges to even be allowed through the gates. Hmmmmm.
So we started out for Memphis. It was a somewhat sunny day and warm enough to run the air conditioner. But towards evening we began hearing of tornadoes in the south.
By the time we were in southern VA, the storms were in Knoxville and eastern TN. It was getting bad. I was pretty scared. Tree limbs and leaves were everywhere. We saw many wrecks. A lot of cars had actually pulled up under the bridges and overpasses, one car was stuck up there and had to be pulled out with a tow truck. Traffic cones were scattered, water was running everywhere, deep too. The lightening was something to see, it was in all directions at the same time and all around us. But no thunder!, just wind. We were being blown across the lanes.
We were having warnings on the radio of tornado after tornado in towns all near where we were. At one point when the lightening flashed, I am almost certain I saw one, but can't say for sure. I was really scared now. I went to the bunk and prayed. I remembered when Jesus calmed the disciples in the midst of the storm and I told Him that I trusted Him. And I fell asleep.
When I woke up this morning and we were coming out of Memphis, I could see devastation everywhere. There were so many trees just broken off and laying all along the interstate.
We have heard the reports of the 280 people killed yesterday and last night by these storms and we thank our precious Lord that He spared us.
It was a very nice day today. The temps. were in the low 70s and it was mostly sunny here in Nashville. We are on layover and waiting for a load.
Please pray for the people who have been affected by the storms.

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