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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home visit

We had such a nice visit home although I didn’t get to visit with everyone I would have liked to. It is like that when you come home. I hope everyone understands. It is not easy to try to do so many things that have to get done and still visit with each person. I am sorry if I missed you and hope that maybe next time we can make it work. I did get to talk to my good friends, Ruth and Carol on the phone this time. I miss them and I think of them so often.
We got home Thursday afternoon. And until we got unpacked and everything carried into the house we were tired. I put some dirty laundry into the wash right away and then carried our stuff up to our room.
We got to have a quiet visit with Starla and try to catch up a little and relax and watch some tv too. Later that evening her husband, Bill came home and we visited with him too.
Friday morning we took our truck over to the mechanic to get some work done while we are home and that took up most of our morning. Then we just kind of hung out the rest of the day until the grandkids came later in the evening. We looked for some stuff in the garage that we wanted and needed to take back out with us and we also dug out our big deep fryer because we wanted to deep fry a turkey tomorrow for supper. Bill had never eaten it deep fried.
Our son, Tom, came up to visit with us this evening. We were having tacos, a favorite of the kids and Tom was going to stay and eat with us. He usually works Friday evenings but he has been so sick with his sinus problems that he took the evening off. Well, that was to our benefit. I love when my kids are here. I miss them so much. We had a good time. It was good to see the kids again. I always enjoy their visits. Later we all just relaxed and chatted.
Saturday morning Pops got up and went to visit with the evangelist that comes to Wills Mt. every other Sunday to preach. They wanted to discuss some church business and other personal matters. I read and finished another book and really just was enjoying doing nothing. Of course, it is good to watch tv! I got to catch up on the shows I like to watch. Starla records them for me.
Our deep fried turkey dinner was so very good. It was hilarious watching Bill and Pops lower it into the grease. But they had the timing just right and it was delicious.
Sunday morning we got up and went to church. I got there to meet up with the First Place Ladies and we had a good discussion on God’s best for our future. We talked about having a vision and goals for ourselves and keeping our goals in line with God’s vision for us.
Then we went into the Sunday school hour with Jeff teaching on The Life of Jesus. He is leading up to resurrection Sunday. So this was the first lesson and it was about how Jesus was with God from the beginning through creation and beyond. Our son, Drew, showed up for services today. He usually attends somewhere else, but I was so glad to see him here this morning. Wow, I still can't believe my eyes each time I see him. His weight loss and physical workouts have really made a difference in his appearance. He looks great.
Then our worship service was great with Dan Hughes preaching on the crucifixion from Matt. 27 and how Jesus suffered so much for us and how He was mocked and spit on. He did all of that for us. He could have saved Himself from the pain and the humiliation but He endured because He loves us that much. It was such a good message. I don’t understand how people can turn away and not be obedient to Christ and God’s Word. Dan Hughes is a great preacher of God's Word.
We had a fellowship meal afterward as is custom at Wills Mt. each Lord’s Day. All of the food was so good and it was good to be with those that we think of as our family. I love the people of Wills Mt. so much. They will never know how often Pops and I think of them and pray for them.
After the dinner, Pops and I went over the town and visited with a woman from the church who is very sick. She is older and has severe heart problems and has been not feeling good for a few weeks. We took her communion and visited for a little while. She looked better than she did last time we visited. Someone must be taking good care of her. We love you, Drenna.
After all of that we came back home for a little while and just played with the kids and relaxed until time for church again that evening. Our evening lesson was still on the Mannerisms and Customs of the Bible. We discussed the styles and types of apparel that was worn in Biblical times. It was so funny. Did you know that hunters hunted in the nude? We had such a good time learning these things with our dear friends. These are the times that I miss so much when we are on the road.
Monday Starla and  I picked up my sister and her daughter, Kacey. We all went to Confluence to visit with my dad. It was a nice, warm spring day so we took him outside to the porch. It was good to see him and we read him all of the postcards that I had been mailing. And we talked about selling his house. I thought maybe that would upset him a little bit, but it didn’t seem to. It was a wonderful visit. I miss my dad, that is why I try to call him often when we are out on the road.
I loved getting to see my sister. She is my best friend in this world, next to Pops. I am so happy to see her grow in the Lord. I love that she attends Laurel Highlands CC. That is my second favorite congregation. And Kacey is getting so grown up. She will be going to college in the fall. Oh my, I watched her little self be born and it seems like only a few years ago, not 18+ years. Where does the time go?
Tuesday we got most of our little errands done and got all of our stuff organized and packed and began to ready ourselves to leave again. Our truck is supposed to be ready by morning and we will be going again. I always get a little melancholy while we are getting ready. I already begin to miss everyone and get sad.
We are still planning on the family going out to eat tonight so that is good.
Drew called, he has to work. He can’t go with us tonight.
Mechanic called truck work is close to $3000 after telling us up front not more than $2000. Pops is upset about having to call our boss and tell him. Depression is starting to hang over our heads.
Bills talks to Starla and needs to go home alone and work through some stuff that is troubling him, so he can’t make it either.
That just leaves Tom, Starla, Pops and me. It didn’t feel right but we tried to make the best of it. We went to Ruby Tuesdays in LaVale. We did have a good meal and our waitress was pleasant. It wasn’t a bad time, but it wasn’t the good time either. Oh well. Life is life. You take the good and the bad and make the most of what you have. God is God in the good times and God is God in the not so good times too.  We must learn to love, trust, believe, and live each day. And be grateful.
I love my home time. I love my family. I love my God.    

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