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Monday, December 7, 2015

Fast short week

Lexington to ft bragg, louisville to Mount Prospect, Il, E chicago to chidkasaw

We were so upset when our load that we waited and waited for cancelled. But we have learned that no matter what happens, God takes care of us one way or another. 
So, we were empty and sitting in North Carolina. Then we were offered a load that picked up in Lexington, Ky. That is a pretty far deadhead, but they were paying us to do it, so we accepted. 
It was raining and Pops was driving us up and over the Smokey Mountains. Of course there was fog too. I love that ride or drive in the daytime, but not at night and never on a rainy, foggy night. It is steep. It is narrow. It is slow, because it is only 2 lanes and the trucks are not allowed in the left lane. It is curvy. It is about 90 miles of that until you are up and over from North Carolina to Tennessee. 
We kept going until we got to our destination. It was then very early in the morning. We had an appointment for first thing. But another truck was already backed into the dock. It was another Fedex truck just like us and they stole our appointment. So one hour later we finally got into the dock and got loaded. Welcome to Monday. Welcome to rudeness.
From there we were headed back to North Carolina to a military base. But we were taking a different route this time. 
I drove most of the daytime hours while Pops slept. We stopped in Huntington, WV at a Walmart to switch off, eat, and walk. I had a hard time with my walk tonight. For some reason my ankle is giving me trouble again. I just do not understand it. The Drs cannot see anything wrong with it, yet I know that something is most definitely wrong. Oh well, no point crying about it. 
Someone had put a really large lit star on the side of a mountain near Charleston, WV. I am glad that I managed to snap a picture.

Following that delivery in eastern NC, we had a pre dispatch that was taking us back to Louisville, KY for a pickup of pharmaceutical drugs going to big drugstore distribution center north of Chicago. It was all scheduled for one day. So we picked up early in the am and I drove straight up and through Chicago, got the load off and back down out and away from Chicago in between the morning and evening rush hours.
We are on another load that was picking up immediately in East Chicago, which is in the state of Indiana.
It was a chemical company and we were hauling a non hazardous chemical going all the way to Mobile, AL.
Once again it was a very quick pickup and drive away. It was late afternoon, after 5pm, so Pops began his driving.
Our load needed delivered by noon the next day.
I went to sleep early because I knew that he would run out of hours early.
And I was up and ready by 5:30am. We were near Birmingham, AL when I started my driving. It is Thursday.

We made our delivery a little before noon and we were tired. It has been a busy week so far. It was now Thursday, Noon. 
We drove to a nearby Walmart in Chickasaw, AL to wait for a new dispatch. But none came. We sat into the dark of evening and still none came. We were beginning to realize that maybe we wouldn't get another load this week. 
So we looked ahead to plan for where we might go to church and where we might get a good Monday load. 
It was 380 miles to Memphis. But we had some warranty parts and work waiting for us there. So Pops called to see if we could get an appointment. Yep, monday morning, first thing.
So we headed there. We now knew that unless we got a last minute, unusual weekend load we would now be going to one of our favorite churches, Christview Christian Church in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Facebook put together a poster of our most popular Facebook friends. It is randomly done through computer, but we were happy with the results. The top one is mine, the bottom one is Pops'.

Pops was driving us toward Memphis so that I could begin working on getting my 34 hour restart for my driver logs. I was playing games on my iPad when I heard Pops say, "What are you doing, Bimbo?"
My head jerked up to see what was going on, only to see this truck driving all over the roadway, really slowly.

Birmingham was really pretty this morning. When I drove through yesterday it was still dark and the Regions building in the center of the city had their windows lit up to look like Christmas decorations. It was so pretty.
We made it to Olive Branch early in the evening. We got our showers and something to eat then settled in to the Hallmark channel for movies.
On Sunday morning we drove the short distance to church. It is always so good to see our friends there. We have been to well over 200 churches during our time on the road and we consider only about 5 or so like a "home church away from home." And this is how we feel about Christview. We felt this way from our very first visit here.
We do have a Monday load. It picks up early so we had to cancel our warranty work. I wish that we could've gotten it done, but it gives us a reason to try to get back to Memphis as soon as we can.

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