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Sunday, November 1, 2015


Ok, when the glass bottle of stress relief cream smashes and breaks, you should know you're gonna be in for it.

We drove out of our enclosure and went to our delivery by 8 am then drove to Walmart for our weekly groceries. From there we had to drive to Alabama for a pickup going to Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was rainy, but the leaves were changing color and it was getting quite pretty.
Traffic was bad because the NASCAR race was at Talledaga over the weekend. So it was slow going. When I actually drove past the race track and surrounding fields, I could not believe the amount of litter everywhere. What a shame that people don't clean up after themselves.
Pops was sick. He had caught my cold and it was settling in his chest. So I was driving and he was trying to rest but the coughing was bad. 

My daughter in law, Sophia, sent me pictures of her and Tom looking at baby clothes. She said he is so excited. I am so happy that he is happy and I am pretty excited about that little one too.

Then we had a big deadhead to Annapolis, MD for a military load. We drove over 600 miles empty. And then we wasted a big part of the day waiting for paperwork that hadn't been completed correctly. 
Then we drove that load back to ____________, Indiana. It was at a base. There were many soldiers there setting up a huge camp in the fields and we had to drive our product right out to where they were. I love watching them train. I love the order and respect and the chain of command. I love how we are treated with so much respect too. 

Then we got our first load that involved the training that we had worked and waited for. It was picking up near Louisville, KY and going to southern Alabama.
While waiting to drive to our pickup I was entertained by a family of fox squirrels.
That load went very smoothly. Thank goodness.

We got to see a lovely vision of God's artwork near Nashville, TN.

This rocket is at the Welcome center near Huntsville, AL. We have been here several times recently, but not at night. Doesn't it look like it's blasting off?

We saw the Sandhills cranes near Tampa, Florida. We are here for the weekend. We have a pickup Monday that is going to Texas. We really want to be home by next weekend. We would love it if you could join us in asking God to make that happen if He wills it. 

This is Sophia. Just look at that nice deer that was shot with Pops' bow that he left Tom and Sophia borrow. Yes, it was Halloween, but we aren't sure if maybe she just doesn't always dress as a superhero. (Remember, above, the clothing they were choosing for their baby?)

And I sent this photo to our son, Drew.

Hopefully, and prayerfully the blog will be written from home next week. We plan to be home for 2 weeks. Well, me anyway. Pops and son in law, Bill P. will go to Ohio to hunt.

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