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Monday, November 16, 2015

1st week of vacation

Pops is off to Ohio for his annual hunting expedition. And I am having a hunting expedition, of sorts, myself. I am having just about every preventative medical test done.
Monday morning I had a Dr appointment. Pops has asked me to agree to a complete and thorough medical screening. So it began with a complete physical, including a flu shot, then a gynecological exam. Happy Monday! 
Tom and Sophia were going to come up for supper but Tom wasn't feeling too good, so they didn't come. 
Tuesday morning I woke up early and went for a drive. I was feeling nostalgic and drove over to our old house, where our kids were raised. It really is run down now. 

Tuesday I was to have breakfast with my brother but I received a text from him that it wasn't going to work out for him. But I went into Somerset anyway because I was meeting my sister and niece for lunch.
It was a nice visit with them. My niece is moving to Nashville, TN to start a new job as a TSA agent at the airport. I sure hope that all goes well for her.
Sophia came up for a visit Tuesday evening. Her baby bump is getting really cute. It was good to see her.
Pops was having some nasty luck of his own in Ohio. His crossbow that we had just put $135 into broke a string so he couldn't hunt on Monday. He found a place that could change the string but he had to leave it, which meant no hunting for him on Tuesday morning either. And besides that, there is some problem with the well and there is no water in the house. Ugh!
Starla and I had a mini trip planned for Wednesday and Thursday. We were going to Deleware to The Christian church at Seaford to hear Ray Bennett preach. It was their 50 year celebration. We were attending services Wednesday and Thursday evening. Then we planned on going to Rehoboth Beach through the day on Thursday.

We stopped in Flintstone, MD on the way to have lunch with Tom and Sophia. It was a little place called, The girls are cookin'. It was pretty tasty and the prices weren't bad either. Then we got moving again.
Starla's mother-in-law, Mary, had never been to the ocean, so we asked her to go with us.
It was a great trip. We met up with some dear friends and Ray preached so good, as usual. 
The day at the beach was cloudy and cool. But it was so enjoyable. Mary really had a good time. It was fun watching her enjoy it. We saw a lot of dolphins too.
Then we went shopping in the afternoon. We went to the outlets. It was so nice to walk around and spend a peaceful day. I did finish up with my Christmas shopping while there.
After shopping and before church we went to eat with 3 of our friends from out there. I just love getting to be with them.
Ray preached another good sermon.
After church that evening we hit the road. We were tired and it was very windy and those two things combined made for a long trip home. We got home around 2 am. But that was ok, we could sleep late the next day. And we did.
I was going to the house of a friend for tea at 11:30, but she tried and tried to reach me to cancel. Finally, I saw her message. A big pine tree had fallen the night before in the wind storm and fell on their house. Oh my. I am sure that was very scary for them. So we had a free evening. 
On Saturday morning Starla and I had plans to meet our very good friends for breakfast. We picked Carol up on the way and met Ruth and Margo there. We went to the Casselman Restaurant in Grantsville, MD. It was good for my soul to be with them. They mean the world to me. 
Saturday was the day I planned on cleaning the truck. So that is what I worked on. I got a lot done but Not all of it.
Sunday morning I got up early and walked. I got in a three mile walk before church. I was meeting my son, Drew, and going to church with him. He attends the Winifred Road Christian church in Cumberland, MD. It was a nice service and I got to talk with some friends that I hadn't seen in a while. After church we went back to Drew's house for lunch. We were making a no carb pizza. It was a first time experience for both of us. And we both loved it.

This was ours.

Drew's dog Bullet. He's a silver lab.

Here is the recipe:
7 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
7 eggs
Mix the above and spread onto ungreased baking sheet. Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. Then remove from oven and cover with sauce and your favorite toppings. Bake another 10 minutes. Let stand 5-10 minutes before cutting.
We used turkey sausage crumbles, turkey pepperoni, and mushrooms.
Give it a try. You will like it.
After lunch Drew had plans to train. His boxing match is coming up in 10 days. Boy, that sure makes me nervous.
I went up to the mall. I figured I would catch a couple of movies. And I thought that Bill P. And Starla might like a day alone together.
I saw The Peanuts Movie and also Love the Coopers.
The Peanuts was cute, but it basically was just all the concepts of the Peanuts characters made into a movie.
This is me, Peanutized

Love the Coopers is a movie about a family gathering for Christmas dinner. It goes into each of the family members details and if you have ever not wanted to attend a family get together, and who hasn't, then you will like this movie. 
After the movies I came home and Starla had a nice dinner fixed of baked Fisk, scalloped potatoes and salad. I am tired. It is early but I am going to bed. 
Tomorrow is the day we find out the gender of the new grandchild. I am so excited. I am already so in love with a child I never met. Finding out the gender will make it seem so much more real. 
Pops called tonight. He attended church in Beverly, Ohio. That is where he always goes when he is out there. He went back again for evening services. During the day he worked on cleaning the house at the hunting camp. I guess the other guys left a pretty big mess. Oh well, no use complaining. That will get you no where.
One more week off, it looks like it's shaping up to be busy too.

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