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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year

Pops and I left home on the 28th of December. We had a government load that picked up in Washington DC and was going to an undisclosed place. It was a long trip though and paid really well. 
Before Christmas we told Our company that we were willing to work over the new year holiday.
However once we delivered we traveled to the neighboring state of South Carolina to wait for our next load. It was Tuesday. We did not get any offers. On Wednesday, New Years Eve, we were offered several loads for Monday/Tuesday. Pops called FedEx and asked why we were asked about working if there weren't going to be any loads?
We both were wishing that we had stayed home.
Oh well. We watched Hallmark movies, ate pizza and listened to the endless fire crackers and M80's all through the night. 
On New Years Day we went shoe shopping. We shopped several shoe stores but didn't find what Pops was looking for. I, however, found an awesome pair of Ugg moccasins on sale.
Then we went to the mall in Columbia, SC. We looked around the shoe store there, nothing! Then we went to JC Penny and Bingo, he found not one, but two pairs of shoes that he liked and that fit well. I got a pair of walking shoes too. 

While putting away our groceries, I lost my balance and fell backward. It could have been a pretty bad fall, but Pops just happened to be behind me and caught me. He's my hero.

While we were inthe store we got a call from our company, "I know that you wanted to run over the holiday week and I'msorry that we just don't have anything. But here's a scenario for you...." Our dispatcher wanted us to leave South Carolina now to be in Los Angeles, CA by Monday to pick up a load. Yes, we would run over 2000 miles empty for a load. So we agreed to do it. 

There was a winter storm coming across the southwest just ahead of us. It actually dropped some snow in Southern California and Las Vegas. Texas got hit with ice and snow. All of west Texas was covered. It was slippery travels. Pops had to deal with it more than I did. By the time I had to drive, the roads were mostly melted off and just wet. But I saw dozens of wrecks and Pops said he did as well during the night.

By the time we reached Pecos, Texas the snow and ice were gone. And then it was smooth sailing through El Paso, New Mexico and Arizona. It actually turned into a beautiful trip.

We slept at a rest area just outside of Los Angeles. Because of the three hour time difference, we were awake way earlier then our pickup time. So I read my Bible, did my devotions, cleaned the inside of the truck, washed and dried our dishes, then made a big pot of crab soup in the crockpot. I bought the lump crab meat while shopping in South Carolina. I got a super deal on it and now the soup was smelling fantastic.
Our pickup time was 5pm our time and we went an hour early which made it 1pm LA time, so we were in with no traffic and no issues. The location was easy to find and the freight was ready so we left there quickly and before we knew it, we were back to Route 15 and driving up the mountains and the city was long gone from our rear view mirrors. It sure was gorgeous here, nice and sunny and 80+ degrees.
I drove until we got through Las Vegas and then Pops took over. As we were leaving California, through the Mohave desert, I strained my eyes hoping to see the wild donkeys. Pops woke up early and came up front to sit and just as he did we saw three donkeys and then in a few miles we saw three more. I tried to get a picture, but failed.

I woke up in Ogden, Utah. It was my turn to drive and we were 5 miles from our delivery. Our delivery went just as smooth and easy as the picjup did, so now we were empty again.
There was snow from a previous snowfall on the ground and of course the mountains had snow, but the temperatures were mild and the day was clear.

We do have a new dispatch. We are headed back to California for a pickup then to Arizona for delivery.
I can't say that I mind it one bit being out here during January. Pops and I both agree that we will stay out here and run for another 5-6 weeks, if need be. Lol.

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