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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Be careful what you hope for

Well, I was hoping for a day or two off.......we ended up having 4 days off. Then we were offered a load that we would pickup in San Diego. 
It was a gorgeous weekend in the Phoenix area.
On Sunday we found a fantastic church in Chandler, AZ. It was big but we really felt comfortable there. 
While there we were happy that Joe Castillo, a sand artist, was there. His performances were astounding.
Roger Storms, the evangelist, preached a wonderful sermon. 
The church was absolutely beautiful inside and out with an outdoor baptismal pond.

So Monday we headed toward there from Arizona.

We hope the birds enjoyed their stay as much as we did.
We drove within 50 miles of our destination only to find out that our load had cancelled. Oh how disappointing, especially after being off for so many days already.

But within an hour's time we got another load. It was a short load picking up at the airport and delivering south of San Diego very near the Mexican border.
We were then going back to Phoenix for a pickup that was going to Chicago.

After leaving Phoenix with our Chicago load we headed north and the elevation rose quickly. We could look ahead and see the Mountaintops were covered with heavy, swirling clouds. I told Pops that it was probably bad weather ahead.

When we reached to top of the Arizona mountains, it was cold. It was now about 37 degrees. We got out of the truck to check out the sites from the Mogollon Rim. It has an elevation of 7500feet. It is a huge rim of cliffs. But it was too cloudy and foggy to see much. And it was cold so we ran back to the truck.
But from that point in Arizona until we reached Oklahoma City, we had snow. In fact, it was a blizzard dropping 8-10 inches of snow through the Amarillo area. It was a rough, scary trip. We stopped at one point because my nerves were a wreck.

 Even with the big snowstorm we made our original delivery time in Chicago. It was Friday. And by noon we had a load for Monday.
It picks up in Kentucky.
After driving closer to our pickup, restocking our food, and cleaning and maintaining our truck, we had all of Sunday free.
We attended Westside Christian Church in Richmond, KY. It is a really great congregation. We were encouraged to stay in their lot and come back for evening service, so we did. We were told that we could come here anytime and to feel at home.
Now tomorrow we are picking up a military load and heading out. 
Keep praying for us. 

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