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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Home for Christmas

We got home 2 days before Christmas and had some extra time to shop and prepare. On Wednesday morning, Starla and I went to breakfast with our very good friends. We had our Christmas gift exchange and a lot of laughter and good times.

On Thursday, Christmas Day, it was just Starla and Bill P and Pops and I. We lounged around, exchanged gifts and then had a ham dinner.
Toward evening, Bill P's kids came by for a visit.
Friday was the day that we had set aside for our family get together. I cooked and cooked. Our son, Frankie and his family came first with Tom and Sophia shortly after. Then Drew came and he brought his friend Lindsey with him. We had a full house, 14 in all. 

What a wonderful time. A mother loves having all her kids together. The only thing better than that is having them all in church.
We played a Christmas trivia game. You picked a question and answered then picked a wrapped gift from the basket. We played until everyone had a gift. Then we unwrapped them all at once and had to wear our prize for pictures. It was fun.
Then we all went outside for a family picture. We sure missed our grandson, Derrick, who is in Africa on a mission for the Army, but he made it into our family picture with the help of technology.
It was my most favorite day in a long long time.

Now it's Sunday already and we are getting ready to go again. 
The countdown is on. Our final year in this job. We promised ourselves and our family that we would only do it for 5 years. We plan to give it up at the end of 2015 unless God supplies us with replacement jobs before then. We do have our feelers out already, so who knows?

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