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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sunny California

Pops and I was asked to deadhead our truck from North Carolina to Boston area. There was a load there that needed to go to San Jose, California. With the deadhead the trip would cover over 4000 miles. We took it. 
We got back to New England on Saturday evening.
After church on Sunday we went in to the restaurant to get something to eat. And we stocked up our groceries.
This was a high security load which means that one of us had to be awake guarding the load at all times. It was also a 8/2 split because of the security. That means that I would drive 8 hours then be off for 8; then drive for 2 hours then be off for 2. And that cycle would continue for the next 3400 miles. When I was off duty, Bill was on duty. 
It is very hard to rest like that. But we managed. We delivered in San Jose this morning at 10am est.
Now we are resting at a truckstop. It is sunny and warm here. Some trees and flowers are blooming and I have seen some very loaded citrus trees.
I feel bad for the rest of the US that is pretty much shut down from the snow storm.
We don't know where we will go from here. But I wouldn't mind staying for a day or two.
Enjoy the pictures.

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