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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Leaving California

Once again we didn't get to stay long, but oh, how just being in the sunny warmth can lift your spirits. I really like Northern California. The temperatures are warm and the scenery is beautiful. 
Our pick up was in San Francisco and is going to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We had to leave immediately for our pickup. It was 10:00am pst, so traffic wasn't too bad. We had a slight delay at our pickup so it was going on 1:00 local time by the time we left there.
We had to drive right through the city of San Francisco and across the Bay Bridge on Route 80. It was a fantastic drive. I was driving so Pops got a pretty good look at the sights.
We were driving in snow before we got out of the state though. Shortly after passing through Sacramento we came to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and there was plenty of snow but the roads were clear.
It was all night time driving through Nevada and Utah so no pictures. There was some rain and ice through Utah and Wyoming but for the most part it wasn't bad.
We are in Nebraska now. We have to get our 34 hour restart per DOT regulations than we'll be off again. We deliver Monday am.
So today will be church and resting.

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