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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Good Weekend

We delivered at a BMW car plant. As we were there we saw about 8 new SUV cars roll off the assembly line. Wow, are they nice vehicles.
We had a couple of load offers and one real good one from Miami to Denver. It paid really well too but we didn't get it.
We were then offered a load that had us deadheading to Indiana. We accepted that one. 
I drove Friday afternoon until we reached the rest area at the border of a Tennessee and Kentucky. We wanted to try and meet up with Bill's brother, Buck and family on Saturday if we could. They live in Kentucky and we rarely see them. 
As I was on Facebook we found out that some friends of ours from Florida were traveling and would be passing by us in the morning and wanted to meet up.
I was so excited knowing that I was going to be seeing friends.

We meet Joe and Eleanora Guthrie the next morning for breakfast. We love them so much. And we found out that today was their 50th Anniversary. It was so good to spend some time with them. 
Not long after they left, we meet with Buck, Sandy and Destiny. We had lunch at a restaurant right beside the truck plaza. We got to visit with them for about 3 hours.
It was such a good day.

In the late afternoon and evening Pops drove us to Indiana. We had picked out a church near our destination. Both Buck and Joe know the preacher there. It is Hillcrest Christian Church and Mark Fugate is the evangelist.
We attended the early Church service, then Sunday School and then came back for Sunday evening service.
This weekend was good for my spirits.

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