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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Designer handbags

We got a load that picks up in New Jersey and is going to Toronto. Of course this is taking place during the second "Polar Vortex" of the winter. 
The east coast got hit with a massive snowstorm just as we were leaving NJ. The roads were really bad because it was snowing so hard the crews couldn't keep up. We saw several bad wrecks.
The temperatures are horrible as well. In most places single digits or below. Pops and I had to get out a change a headlight. I seriously thought we each might lose a finger. Mine one finger is still numb on the tip and burnt feeling the rest of the finger. It is pink though so I am not too worried.
We were hauling a load worth over $200,000. It was handbags. Would you ever consider paying $2495.00 for a handbag? Apparently people do, a lot of people, all the time! 
I really don't even think they are nice looking. Oh, well, supply and demand. It keeps us moving.
We are back out of Canada and waiting in Buffalo, NY for our next load to come. Oh, how I hope it goes south.

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