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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Texas for 3 days

The week before Christmas we had 3 days off in Texas with Tate and Shirley. We had to get some repairs on our truck so while there we stayed at the ranch.
It is beautiful there right now. Pops went for several walks with his gun. He saw a good many deer. He saw tracks of hogs, but didn't see any. 
He kicked what he thought was a rock but it moved and then walked away. It was an armadillo.
Lucy enjoyed her time off the truck.
And so did I.
We went out to eat with Tate and Shirley a couple of times. I believe that Pops and I are liking Mexican food more and more.
I hated to leave but it is exactly one week til Christmas (Wednesday.) we want to be home by Monday. Our hopes aren't very high. We got a load going to Wisconsin near Milwaukee for Friday.
Lucy in Texas

One of the bucks that Pops saw.

And then it saw him.

Full moon and stars over the live oak tree at the ranch.


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