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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Timeoff

We got a load from Wisconsin to Indiana. That got us closer to home and then came the dispatch that would do it. It picked up in Dayton, Oh on Sunday afternoon and delivered near Washington, DC on Monday morning. We would deadhead home from there. God was in this, I had no doubts.
We got to attend The Church of Christin Eaton, Ohio. They had a wonderful Service. We were happy to be there.
On Monday we got home around 11 am. So I got to cooking right away because the boys and Shelbie were coming up this evening for dinner and our gift exchange.
We had a visit by our friend, Deby in the afternoon. She drives for Tate and Shirley too.
For supper we had smoked turkey, boudin, andouille sausage, jalapeƱo poppers, cheesy cauliflower, blueberry and cherry cheesecake.
We had a great evening.

On Tuesday morning, Starla and I went to Meyersdale to meet Margo, Rurh and Carol for breakfast. 
After that we Pops came over to Meyersdale and we visited with Frankie, Melynie, Katie and her boyfriend, Austin and Zachary. We exchanged gifts with them and visited for awhile.
That evening Bill's kids came over for a little while. I made spaghetti, garlic bread and salad. We gave the kids their gifts and then Bill and Starla took them back to their mom.
Christmas morning I woke up and got our turkey going. It was just going to be me, Pops, Bill P. And Starla. Tom was going to come but then changed his mind. Once the turkey was started I cleaned our truck and finished our laundry.
After we ate, we drove to Cumberland and spent some time visiting with Bill P's mom, grandma and aunt and uncle. That was a nice time. Then we went over to Bill's mom's house to see her tree. 
In the evening we went in to Somerset and stopped for a few minutes to see my brother and his family and then we went to my sister, Amy's and stayed there a little while.
It was a very short 3 days, but It was one of my favorite Christmas times. I wish we could have seen a few more loved ones, but it just didn't work out this time.
Now we are back to work. We got a load at 1:30am. We had to drive to Connecticut to pick it up and it is going to Boca Ratan, Florida. It delivers on Friday.
Then we have a load for Monday that will leave us in Southeast a North Carolina on Tuesday. 
So we need to find a church along I95 in Florida.
I guess we will spend New Years Eve in North Carolina somewhere.

From Laredo, Tx to Menomonee Falls, WI.

I thought this was a road named for Pops.

Noni and Santa

Our grandson, Zachary. Don't you love his hat we brought him from Texas?

Our granddaughter, Katie is rock in' the basketball courts.

Amy and Noni

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