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Friday, December 13, 2013

Back to Nashville

Immediately  after delivering in Little Rock, we got a load that picked up about 100 miles away and delivering the same night in Huntsville, AL.
No rest for the weary, they say. And don't we know it? But I like being busy. If I am going to be out here working away from home, than I don't want to be sitting around.
So we did that load. It is now midnight on Thursday. We made our delivery in Huntsville and drove up here rather than to Atlanta where our company suggested for us. 
There are already 11 of our trucks in Atlanta, which would all be ahead of us when loads are offered. Here in Nashville there are only two trucks and both of those are single drivers so if a long load comes up, we are almost assured of getting it.
Last Friday we were here in Nashville. There was an awful ice storm then. It is all gone now. The skies are clear and sparkling with stars, but it is a little chilly, around 30 degrees. 
I guess we will hole up here until we get a load. 
Here are some pictures:

We stopped at a pull off to let Lucy out and this buzzard was eating a dead deer. He flew to this tree and kept a close eye on us.

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