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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Matthew Gill

This story was on Facebook and Pops and I both sent cards to Matthew. His mother, Tammy, contacted us and thanked us. She invited us to stop and visit Matthew when we get through their area. She told us that he loves trucks.
I sure hope we get to visit him soon.
It's not to late to send this young man a card.
His graduation is June 22, 2013.
As most of you know, my son Matthew has Cerebral Palsy and is deaf. I was trying to think of something special to do for him for graduation and I came up with a Card Party. He loves to get mail, so I thought this would be a fun thing for him to do and we can look up all the places on a map to show where all his cards are coming from. If you would send him a card to let him know what an awesome accomplishment he has made. Please share this with your friends and family so he can get cards from all over. Cards can be sent to Matthew Gill 108 Dixie Avenue, Petal, MS 39465 Thank you so much for your help. Tammy Gill

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