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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fell off the diet wagon

 Pops and I left Houston area this afternoon on our way to the Delmarva Peninsula. We are passing through Louisiana. 
We love boudin balls. We get them at a place called Peto's.
We found them on our very first trip through Louisiana. And now we stop every single time.
We both knew that we would cave to the temptation tonight. It is the first time since Resurrection Sunday that we have cheated on our diet.
But I'm not sorry. No sir, not one bit. I am happy, happy, happy!

These are jalapeño and cheese stuffed boudin balls, our favorite. We got one for each of the boys too.
Then we picked up a couple of pounds of uncooked Cajun boudin to take home. 
Hey, I'm no yuppie girl. I know what's good, Jack.

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