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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Well we made it home and it sure did feel good to be here. I was excited because we were planning on some fun relaxing stuff and we didn’t have anything that we HAD to do this time. It seems like we never get to come home for a quiet time there is always some reason that we come and things have to be done. So I was happy about this weekend.
Although Starla and I did need to shop for groceries for our picnic that we were having on Monday. I was glad because originally I thought it was going to be just a little gathering of us but it turns out that there should be around 15 or so.
I put a load of laundry in to wash and sorted through our heap of accumulated mail. Then we went to the store for food.
Bill’s kids were coming Friday evening, well at least Hunter and Allison were, so we decided to do steaks on the grill. Since Bill P. is the Grillmaster I bought six 1 inch think giant porterhouse steaks! They were huge. 
But it turned out that he had to work late on Friday so we saved the steaks until Saturday evening.
Starla and I picked the kids up on Friday evening. They were talkative and lively and it was great to be with them.
We got back to the house and just hung out that evening.
Saturday morning, Pops, Bill and Hunter went to the woods to hunt turkeys. Pops and Hunter had had this day planned for a long time.
The turkeys all were safe this time though. After hunting in the morning, Hunter and Allison decided to try their luck at fishing. Hunter had better luck at fishing than hunting. He brought several large trout home to eat.
The next morning we went to church. I didn’t get to go to the First Place meeting because of Starla’s recent surgery she was riding with us because it was easier for her to get into my car and with Pops no longer attending the early meeting we just waited until 9 am to go.
It was so good to see all the people that we know and love. I miss them all so much. They are so very much a great family to me. It will be nice when we retire to be able to be there all the time and get involved again.
After church we went back to the house for a relaxing day. The kids were going to the fishing derby and they were very excited. It looked like it might rain though.
Starla and Bill went with the kids to the creek this time and Pops and I hung out at the house. It did start to rain and not just rain, it stormed hard. Starla and Bill came home but the kids stuck it out.
Allison was rewarded for her efforts. She caught 4 big brook trout. Hunter got skunked today though. Oh well.
The kids were going home shortly after that. I had hoped that they would stay until tomorrow. Pops was going to take Hunter back to the woods for turkeys but he wanted to go home to ride dirt bikes with his friends the next day.
I was sad to see them go. I don’t get to see them often and was hoping they could stay the whole weekend but I understand. That was the first we’d seen Allison since Christmas time.
We went back to church on Sunday evening, but something seemed not quite right. The service was okay but instead of hanging out afterward and visiting with friends, everyone seemed in a big hurry to go home. I missed seeing my friend, Jeff, he couldn’t come this evening because he wasn’t feeling well. He and Jane are usually the ones we hang out with after Sunday evening service.
Monday morning was a busy one. Something was wrong in the basement. We were getting water on the floor. So we called a plumber and waited for him to come. He told us that the septic tank was full and needed to be cleaned out and that we had a blocked drain line. He couldn’t fix the drain line until the septic was cleaned out. Oh boy! It is always something.
So we went about with our picnic. Tom and Drew and Bullet came. My sister, Amy and her husband, Scott and my niece, Kacey came. Then Levi, my nephew, and his girlfriend, Kayla and Kayla’s son came too. Wow, a nice bunch.
The Grillmaster cooked all the burgers and hotdogs to perfection. And all the food was so good and we all had a really good time.
It was really a great time at home except for the basement deal.
Pops dug up the septic tank and the next morning it got cleaned out and the drain was opened. Pops covered the septic tank back up with dirt and that was that. Almost $300 later it was done.
Now it was time to look for a load and get back to work.

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