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Saturday, June 23, 2012


It took us awhile to drive to our pickup because it is so far back into the boonies. The roads are narrow and winding and seem to go on forever, but we got there and before our appointment time too. When I pulled up to the gate and we both took our creditials inside the guard wanted to know which building we were going to for our pickup. Well no one had given us a building just a person to contact. So we were sent back out of the gate and to the truck lot until we could get someone to give us a building number. It was easy enough, we just called our company and got it right away. I wondered why the small bit of information wasn't with all the other information that we were provided with our dispatch. Oh well, sometimes things just don't make sense. Anyway this time we got right into the gate and was given a map and drove to our pickup. Once at the building where we were picking up we had a stack of paperwork to be completed and that always takes awhile and they won't even load the truck until all of that is done. So once it was then we got our load on and a seal put on the truck and away we went. It would be about 60miles of country roads until we reached an interstate. After driving for about 40 miles we saw that traffic was being stopped up ahead. A man flagged me down, pointed to an even smaller road and told me there was a bad accident ahead and traffic was being detoured. He told me to just follow that road until it came back out onto the highway. That detour chewed up a lot of our time. Once we reached the highway and then the interstate it was smooth sailing for awhile. There did seem to be an awful lot of construction everywhere that did delay us some. Also at one point I saw an accident on the opposite side that slowed our side down because everyone slowed down to be mosey and gawk at the accident. I got to Columbus, Ohio right at rush hour so we did sit there in traffic that was moving very slowly. But once past there we moved along pretty quickly until we were near New Stanton, PA. That is where we came to an absolute standstill for almost two hours! We never did know caused that delay. And then finall we were going again. Shortly after that I went to bed and left the driving to Pops. We were scheduled to be there at 3am but because of all of the delays we didn't get there until 5:30am. But we did arrive and once again had to go through all the necessary military checks and then onto the base. Pops was given a map and good thing too because this base was big and woodsy and deserted looking. So he did find where we were supposed to go and then we were offloaded and left that base. We we're given layover options of Trenton, NJ or Pittsburgh, Pa. We picked Trenton because we didn't want to deadhead clear to Pittsburgh which was 300 miles away. We spent the entire day waiting for a load that would take us closer to home. This is Thursday and our vacation is starting tomorrow. But by evening we pretty much gave up hope of getting a load going closer. We went to bed around 10pm and Pops told me we would head home early in the morning. Well he did mean early because his alarm went off at 2am and he got us moving. I woke up long enough to make him some coffe, but then I went back to sleep. I woke up again when we were in Breezewood, PA. We were almost home so I started packing up what I would take into the house. It felt so good to pull into the driveway and be home. I really like my job, but I love coming home.

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