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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kiamichi Mountains

We got a load not long after arriving in Springfield. It picked up in Tulsa, OK and was going to Dodge City, KS. Pops was sleeping and I accepted the load not quite realizing how much more west this would put us. Oh well, live and learn. I can’t seem to ever get it ALL together at the same time.
Anyway, I began to drive us toward Tulsa, which wasn’t real far away and Pops stayed laying down for awhile. We had to get fuel when we reached Tulsa so Pops woke up and fueled the truck and then stayed awake for awhile.
It was very hot and our generator is not working which means we have no A/C in the sleeper of our truck. All we have is the dash a/c to cool us. So we wilted and melted through Oklahoma. We stopped at a service plaza on the Indian Turnpike so that Pops could check the generator one more time and I took the dogs out. I felt bad for them because I know the pavement is hot and they are so low to the ground that it has to really be scorching for them. They didn’t stay outside long and I was glad.
I went into the McDonalds there and bought us one of the new frozen fruit drinks. I only bought one for us to share because I figured it would too sweet for us to each have one. It was good tasting but one sip and I had brain freeze like I never had before. It wouldn’t quit, it lasted a long long time and the same thing happened when Pops took a sip.
I was half afraid to take another sip and when I did, it happened again only it didn’t last as long this time. So it took awhile but we did finally get it all down. And it cooled us off a little.
Pops started to drive later that evening and I went to sleep. When I woke up we had already delivered and were parked in a parking lot in Wichita, KS.
It was a big parking lot with a lot of restaurants and businesses around. It seemed like a good spot and good thing too because we spent all day and all night here.  I watched movies, I got caught up on my blog, I paid bills, I studied my lessons for Camp Meeting, and I read a whole book. See, I don’t get bored. I can find something to do.  Pops slept and played games with the computer and chatted on Facebook. He is doing much better about not getting bored.
A traffic accident happened at the intersection beside us so that was something to watch for about 2 hours. No one was hurt but one of the cars had to be towed and the firetruck came and traffic had to be directed and it was all very interesting for awhile.
The next morning Pops and I considered leaving here and going to another location in hopes of getting more load offers. We had just settled on a location and was all ready to go when we got a load offer that we accepted. It was picking up in Texarkana, TX on Monday and would deliver in Frankfort, KY on Tuesday. It would get us pretty far east which is the direction we want to go since we are planning to go home.
So since it was only Saturday, we started out and took our time. We drove back to Tulsa, which was on the way and re fueled the truck there. Then for many, many miles on the Indian Nation Turnpike (different from the other day, Oklahoma is mostly Indians), this roadway took us through the mountainous, eastern side of Oklahoma. Yes, I said mountainous. Oklahoma actually has some pretty nice mountains on the eastern side. They are the Kiamichi Mountains. Isn’t that fun to say? Ki-a-mee-chee.  It was a very pretty ride through there.
Then we drove into Texas just before dark.
 We were going to Texarkana, which is half in Texas and half in Arkansas. We were picking up at an Army Depot on the Texas side but the truckstop with a shower was on the Arkansas side. So we headed there.
We had found a church in our directory in Texarkana and I spoke with the preacher earlier. He said he was looking forward to meeting us.
The church is called the Eylau Christian Church. It was listed as having 125 members. The parking lot was big and in the church yard was a big playground. I told Pops not to block the playground with our truck so we parked at the opposite end.
When we went inside there were a handful of men inside the door and they were talking. They all made us feel very welcome and showed us to where the Sunday School was held.
Like most churches, people don’t feel particularly inclined to attend Sunday School. There were maybe only 20-22 people here at this one. That is so sad because this is the training ground where you get deep understanding of God’s word.
A man named Roy taught the lesson today. They were studying “Jubilee.” This is a practice or law that God designed that correct faulty economics in the biblical nations. Every fiftieth year all property would revert to the original owners. It is not a deep subject but an interesting one. But it is not known if or how long Israel obeyed this teaching.  It was a good lesson and well taught.
There was about a 15 break between Sunday School and Worship. The people started coming now. But sat mostly in the back. I figure there must have been about  80-85 there for worship.
The evangelist, Allan Bridges, preached a really good sermon on communion. This is something we do every single Lord’s Day and how many times do we truly examine our thoughts and actions before doing so?
We really liked coming to Eylau Christian Church to worship. Everyone was so nice and friendly and we were spiritually fed and blessed.
After the services, Allan and his wife, Sara and their small daughter invited us to go eat with them. We had already kind of had plans but when they mentioned barbeque I was all in favor. Oh boy, real Texas BBQ, oh yeah!
We had a nice visit and chance to get to know them a little better and I always love being with others who share our faith. It builds me up so much to hear about their faith. And God knows I have been needing some building up. Anyway it was good.
We will return to the Eylau Christian Church if God’s gives us the opportunity.   

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