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Friday, May 11, 2012

My special visitor

We were on layover near Montgomery, Alabama. We pulled into a truckstop for fuel and a parking spot. Once we got parked and had something to eat, Pops went to lay down and rest and I settled into the front seat with my book and my ipod.
Before long I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.
There was a dog, a reddish colored, part collie, part everything else dog running around and as soon as he noticed me he was gone like a flash.
But there was another dog, a very pregnant female, lab mix, with him. She, too, was very skittish and shy but she didn't, or couldn't run.
I started to talk to her but she didn't trust me and kind of shied away.
I threw some dog treats out of the window and she slowly came over and ate them all the while keeping her scared eyes on me to see what I was going to do.
I found some chicken in our refrigerator and gave her that as well. She ate it all and then looked at me for more. She kept looking all around, ready to run at any moment. She was very frightened.
After she ate, she stood around while I talked gently to her. I did not get out of the truck because I'm sure she would have run away. But eventually she calmed down enough to lay down outside my window. She stayed close by until another truck came and parked next to us and then she was gone.
I sat there reading my book for a few hours and around 10pm I looked and she was back. Just sitting outside my window, looking at me.
I threw her some more dog treats and again talked to her. I could tell by her eyes that she was beginning to trust me.
She laid down outside our truck and I watched the unborn puppies move around inside her belly. She looked very uncomfortable and I so badly wanted to wake Pops up and make him move so I could give her our blanket, but I thought he would be upset. So I just felt sorry for her and watched her.
She stayed for about an hour. I continued to read my book and I would glance at her from time to time.
Around 11:15 I looked and she was gone. I felt like I could go to bed now so I did.
Of course I never saw her again, although I looked for her all morning until we had to leave.
It's a shame to see and know these happen.
I am truly an animal lover, especially dogs. I just can never understand how some people can have an animal and then discard it so easily.
I hate to see dogs tied to a box at the furthermost point from their house in a dirt ring that turns to mud in the rain and no one ever speaks to them let alone touch them. It breaks my heart.
People spay and neuter your animals. And if you can't commit to loving them and caring for them their entire lives then don't get them. They deserve better.

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