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Friday, May 18, 2012

The famine

Well we ended up having Monday off and boy did it feel strange to have no where to go. We totally relaxed and waited for a load. Another Fedex custom critical team pulled in along side of us. We had met them before and I realized that we worked with them on a load out of Memphis airport before.  There names were Rholand and Trudy.
We spent a few hours talking with them and just hanging out. I talked to Starla a few times on the phone and watched tv for awhile.
A man came by and wanted to polish our wheels for $1 a piece. He was very dirty but otherwise looked ok. He was carrying 2 backpacks that looked full. I turned him down but offered him a few bucks anyway. He declined and then asked if he could wash our windshield and mirrors. I told him no. But he told me that he was not a bum and wouldn’t take any money without earning it, and started to walk away. I called him back and said ok, polish the front wheels only. I gave him five bucks.
He worked for over an hour on those 2 wheels and they sure looked nice when he was done. I got one of the meals out of the cupboard that doesn’t need refrigerated and a cold bottle of orange juice and a fork wrapped in plastic and laid it out with his things.
When he was done he came and got Pops and showed him how good the wheels looked. Pops wanted to give him more to drink but he refused saying that “the good lady had been more than generous already.”
We saw him several times throughout the day working on other trucks in the lot. Around 3 o’clock I saw him walk back through the grassy lot. I guess his day was done.
I talked to my good friend, Lettie, on the phone for awhile. I miss her. I miss our conversations and getting together. It sure was nice to hear from her. She was telling all about their up-coming family vacation.
Later in the day I also got a call from Ginny, Lettie’s mom. She is another good friend from home. It was good to hear from her too.
Towards evening Pops and I walked up the street to the Hardy’s restaurant. It was a good burger and the dogs enjoyed the French fries. Hahaha
We had a good nights sleep even though we didn’t yet have a load.
The next morning we decided to go inside and have breakfast. We haven’t done that in a long time and just wanted some time out of the truck. While we were eating in there another Fedex driver stopped by and asked us if we were busy. We talked for a few minutes and the more we talked the more I wondered if he was the man that my friend Deby had just started driving for. I asked if his name was Dave, and he said yes. I asked about Deby and he said she was outside sleeping. I got up and ran outside. His truck was parked at the fuel isle and I knocked on the door and then opened the door and got inside. The curtains to the back were shut and I called out to her and she popped out of the curtains. We hugged and then hugged somemore. I was so glad to see her. And she had been out now since Easter day and hadn’t been home yet and is very homesick. So I’m sure her seeing me was helpful to her. She likes her job but is not happy working for this guy and now looking at his truck I could see why. There was not an inch of free space anywhere. The dash, the floor, the passenger seat all were covered with stuff. I would not have lived like that for more than 10 minutes.
We got to visit for only a few minutes before they were on their way. But it sure was nice.
I immediately called our truck owner and we worked together to find someone else for Deby to work for. Within 2 hours we had her someone that would appreciate her and help her to be happier in her work.
But Deby and Dave were on their way to California so it would have to wait until she got back from there.
We took a DOD (department of defense) load that picked up Wisconsin and was going to Louisiana. But it didn’t pick up until the next day. So Pops got busy cleaning in the back of the box and I caught up inside the truck with whatever needed done.
We left for Wisconsin in the afternoon. That would give us time to get there, get a shower and have a good night’s sleep before heading to Louisiana.
We were picking up at Fort McCoy. The base looked busy. It looked like they were packing up and getting ready to go somewhere. We found our building and got loaded in short time. Now off to Louisiana.
Starla was having her bladder surgery today so we waited to hear from Bill. We had called her early when she first got to the hospital. Now by the time we were loaded she was already done and waking up from anesthesia. Wow, that was quick. The drs. Said that everything went well.
So here we go to the south. It was a pretty good trip. We drove the whole length of Illinois, then around St. Louis. I got to see the arch again. Then through parts of Missouri and most of Arkansas and into Louisiana.
We found Ft. Polk and of course we went into the wrong gate. So we drove across the big base to other side and that wasn’t right either so we drove to another location and then finally somewhere else. We eventually found the building that we were looking for and got unloaded. All the soldiers are always glad to see us because we are bringing them new weapons. I guess it’s like Christmas to them.
We were given the layover option of Houston, TX and that made me happy because I love Texas. We got here around 3 in the afternoon on Thursday. We were hoping to get a quick load but that didn’t happen. We have only had the one load this week so far. See what I mean about feast or famine?
So we had a relaxing evening. Pops mostly slept. I read my book. Then we again had a good, full night’s sleep.
When we got up on Friday morning we went inside for Denny’s breakfast. And now we are waiting. I hope to get a load out today, but if we are in Houston for the weekend, I plan to relax and enjoy because I Love Texas!

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