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Thursday, May 10, 2012


I know I wrote about how busy we were and we are and I'm not complaining. It seems this job is Feast or Famine and right now is definitely feasting.
We barely got showered during the layover and we got another load. We had to drive into Kentucky to pick it up and then it was eventually ending up a little north of Chicago.
We drove to KY to the airport and was loaded with 2 huge metal containers that had just moments before been unloaded from a plane.
They were temperature controlled units. This meant that we had to monitor the batteries and the temperature of the units. Inside they were packed with dry ice and whatever the product was that we were hauling that required freezing. And freezing it was, -30C which converts to -22F. That is cold. Anyway, we loaded those onto our truck and drove them to the delivery site and had to get readings from them again and then they were unloaded.
Once they were unloaded, we then loaded the empty metal containers back onto the truck and took them above Chicago where they would sterilized and then reused. It was all pretty interesting.
I drove us up there while Pops tried to get his sleep. While I was driving, just about 35 south of Chicago, I saw a deer and knew that it was going to run across the highway. There were 3 lanes of oncoming traffic and then our 3 lanes with a small grass median. The deer came from the opposite side ran across the 3 opposing lanes dodging traffic, through the median, into our lanes, again dodging traffic and then right in front of the truck ahead of me. I surely thought that was the end for him but what do you know, he came out the other side and was safely across 6 lanes of heavy traffic. I could not believe it. I just could not believe it. Wow.
It was around 5pm when we got unloaded and was offered Milwaukee as a place of layover so we headed in that direction. We didn't even travel half a block before we were getting multiple load offers.
We accepted and got a load that was picking up in Indiana and going to Alabama.
I was still driving at that point so I continued driving while Pops tried to get a little more rest. He helped me navigate through the worst of the Chicago traffic before he laid down.
So I drove us into Indiana and stopped somewhere at a rest area south of Indianapolis. We slept there until about 2am. Our pickup was only about 12 miles from there.
Pops got up and drove us over. I barely heard him go. I was sleeping good.
He made the pickup and drove for about 145 miles and then pulled in to a rest area. He was going to make some more coffee since I had only made him the small pot earlier, but he ended up dozing off for about an hour.
I woke up and got dressed and took the dogs out and then came back and got us something to eat. I talked to some church friends on the phone for a little while too. Boy, I miss them.
I talked to Starla for a little while too. At that time we were driving through Nashville, TN.
Nashville is one of my favorite cities to drive through. You can actually go all around the city depending on where you are coming from and where you are going. We drove what I refer to as the lower circle today. It goes past the Titans stadium and you can see the river from that side. There is a tall building with 2 points on the top. It is the A T and T building. For some reason that building reminds me of Batman. Anyway, it is a nice city and at night when the lights are on it is really pretty.
So it is 10:30am on Thursday. We should be to our destination by 3pm and be unloaded. Then I guess we will head to Atlanta for layover.
I sure hope that we can get some work done to our truck, but mostly I would just like to be still for awhile.

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