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Friday, December 2, 2011

Texas "vacation" pictures

No, Bill, don't sit on that!

I thought this little cactus looked like an animal

Coyote (internet picture)

Feral Pigs (internet picture)


Javalina pig aka ranch rat (internet picture)

Javalinas are also known as skunk pigs and they do stink! (internet picture)

Mexican Eagle (internet picture)

Tate's backyard

Hunting area

Field where Pops hunted

Where the pigs were rooting

More pig rooting

road through property

One of the treestands

Hunting field

Field with Mesquite trees

Hunting blind

brushy area

Clearing in the woods

Mesquite Tree

Barrel Cacti

Armadillo Hole

Red ants. It is said that if you drill for water where they go in and out of the ground you will find it.

More red ants

Bone pile

More pig rooting

These pigs have rooted everywhere

Pops with gun standing beside yucca plant

Huge prickly pear cactus

Roadrunner (internet picture)

Look at this thorn. Pops stepped on one and ran it right through his shoe and into his foot.

Thorn shrub

A beautiful end to the evening

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