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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moving the Fatulas

We got to the Fatula's home on Sunday evening. They invited us to watch the Ravens game with them.
We backed into their driveway and went inside.
Diane wasn't there yet, she had gone to pick up some pizza and wings for the game.
We had a good time, even though the Ravens lost their game. The pizza was good and the the wings were HOT!
After the game we went to sleep in the truck. We planned to get up kind of early to start packing the truck.
We got up around 7am and drank some coffee and then got started. The Fatula's had almost everything packed up and ready to load so it went pretty smoothly.
We had to remove the door to get the bigger pieces out.
Pops and I stayed inside the truck and they brought the stuff out to us. We stacked and stacked and calculated and all of their belongings fit in with a little room to spare.
At one point a nice friend of theirs brought over a bag of McDonald's breakfast sandwiches. And we had all of that leftover pizza and wings.
Our dogs played in the yard with their dog, Chico.
When the truck was loaded Chad and Pops went up the road to Uhaul to get a towbar to tow Diane's car so that she didn't have to drive seperately. Once the car was loaded we were on our way.
We had about a 6 1/2 hour drive if everything went well.
We stopped a couple of times to use the restroom and take the dogs out and we stopped once for fuel. We also had to stop once because the lights on the towbar quit working.
But we got to Hyndman before 8pm.
There were many people from the church waiting there for our arrival. Several ladies were there too and had cleaned the place and had food waiting. The unloading went much faster than the loading, but there were many more hands.
After the truck was unloaded everyone visited for awhile and one by one they left for home.
Pops and I decided to sleep in our truck at the chuch that night so that we could be here early to help move some of their stuff to the shed or to other rooms, plus we had to go with Chad to take the towbar back to Uhaul.
By the end of the second day, things were pretty well where they needed to be, at least in the correct rooms. The dining room table had been set up and everyone was very tired.
Finally we headed to our house to enjoy the Christmas break with our family.
It is good having the Fatulas here at Wills Mountain. I am excited and I am hopeful that many new and good beginnings are taking place.

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