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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Church Service

We were so fortunate as to attend the Westview Christian Church in Spartanburg, NC this morning. This is our favorite place to be when we cannot be with Wills Mt.
David, the evangelist and his wife, Linda are the best people and we really enjoy getting to see them. The other members there have also made us feel very welcome and are very friendly to us too.
We drove there from the truckstop, it is only 8 miles away from here. And we know the way by now.
I pulled into the lot and got parked right away. And then we went inside.
Sunday school was just getting ready to begin but as soon as David saw us he got up and came over and warmly greeted us. He even reminded the class who we were by names and even where we live. That made me feel really good. I was so glad to be here.
They were asking for prayer requests when we got there so they continued with that and then prayer was offered up for the sick.
The class is beginning a lesson series on Joseph. It is designed for 8 lessons with each lesson supposed to last a week with day to day studies. But they were using it differently. They were using one day per week and really getting into it as a class group.
Today was day 5 of lesson 1. It was called, You don't get to pick your family. It was about Joseph's family starting with Abraham and Sarah, then Issaic and Rebecca and then Jacob and his wives. It talked about how this was such a fine family of faith in God. But yet each of them also had faults.
We discussed the "lack of faith" and the "acts of faith" of each of them. It was a good lesson with many reminders of these wonderful people of faith.
After Sunday School everyone went into the auditorium for worship.
We sang several songs. We sang the song, In Christ Alone, for the communion song. It was so touching. And then a young man named Jimmy gave the communion meditation. It was about being ready for the return of the Lord.
Then David got up to give the message. He was preaching a sermon series called The Pillars of Christian Living. Today's sermon was the last in the series. It was titled The Return of Christ. It was right in line with Jimmy's communion meditation. David used scriptures from Revelation chapter 19 to tell us about the Plan the Lord has regarding His coming, informing us of the need to be watching and waiting for Him. He talked about the Promise of Jesus' return and he talked about the Purpose of Christ's return.
It was a good sermon and one that is needed to heard by everyone. We need to be reminded that even though we are good christian people we can still fall or at least stumble.
We should always be prepared to meet the Lord, don't let His return catch us off guard.
I am so happy to have gotten to be there today. It is always good to be in the house of the Lord, but especially great when you get to worship alongside people that you think of dearly.
Thank you, Lord for this opportunity.
We also learned today that many churches are giving 9.11% of their offering on 9/11/11 to the Orchard Group. The Orchard Group is a group that starts and funds new churches in New York and the northeast region of the US. They do good work and I think this is a wonderful idea. Westview Christian Church is participating in this event.
Riverside Christian Church in Manchester, NH where we attended recently is one of the churches that has been started by the Orchard Group. And mentioning this church reminds me that our friends there are suffering loss of power as the storm Irene is now threatening them. Keep them in your prayers.

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