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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Evers Road Christian Church

Today is the Lord's Day so we found a church to attend in the San Antonio area. We looked through the directory and found several and did get 2 of them on the phone. I also found one on the internet through a website and I for some reason favored that one. But that one did not answer when I called. I did leave a message on their answering machine so they called this morning.
We got ready and drove the 20 miles to get there. We found a good place out of the way to park and went inside.
We found out right away that the minister was away for the week and that a young military chaplain that attends the church would be filling in for him.
Sunday school class started almost right away. It was taught by Pat Pennington. He brought a lesson on examining ourselves. It was very good. He made us realize that too often we try to portray ourselves as something we are not.
Other people usually can see right that and God always sees us for who we are. Why then do we try to be something we are not?
After Sunday school the worship service started. They had a praise team up front who led the songs and they used a drop screen with powerpoint and it was really nice.
After the songs they served communion and then a lady named, Peggy sang a beautiful special song about a river.
After she sang the fill in minister got up to speak. His sermon was entitled, "Obey your Thirst." And it seemed like the previous song and the sermon were coordinated although they said that they weren't.
His sermon was very good. His main scripture text was Psalm 63:1-5. He talked about how in this passage David yearned for God. And how we as Christians need to seek God in the same way.
He told a story of Socrates and how a young man came to him and said that he wanted to have knowledge. Socrates led the man outside the city to a pond of water and took the man into the water up to their chests. He again asked the man what he wanted and the man said that he wanted knowledge. Socrates pushed him under the water and held him there for 30 seconds and then left him come up. He asked the man what he wanted and gasping for breath the man said that he wanted knowledge. Once again Socrates pushed him under and held him down for 45 seconds and then left him up. He asked again, "What do you want?" The man said through ragged breaths that he wanted wisdom. Socrates pushed him down again and held him under this time for a full minute and then left him up. "What is it that you want?" he asked the man. The man breathed in and out rapidly gasping and said, "Air, I want air." And Socrates said to the man, when you want knowledge as much as you want air, you will have it."
I thought that was a great story. How much do we want knowledge? How much to we want God's love? How much do we want to serve God and be used by Him? How much do we want air? We need to yearn for God. We need to earnestly seek Him out. We need to "Obey our Thirst" for Him.
Everyone was very friendly and we enjoyed our time very much.
After church we drove across the street and on for about 4 blocks to Walmart. I got some items that we needed and then we were going to go eat but it was too crowded so we waited. Later we walked down the street again to go eat but it was still crowded and now it was past 4pm so they were charging $3.00 more for the same buffet. So we left.
I went to Subway and we ate that instead. It was good.
While we were parked at Walmart a bus pulled in. It was a big tour-type bus but it belonged to a band. The men all got out and went into Walmart. The bus said that they were, "Los Traileros del Norte." I don't know what that means so when I googled it I found out that they have over 30 CDs and do concerts everywhere. There were several of their songs on Youtube so I listened to 2 of them. Pops hated it, haha. Of course it was mexican so we couldn't understand the language. I really didn't like the first one either but the second one was too bad, I guess.
Then when they came out of Walmart they went in different directions. Some of them walked to Burger King, some went to a clothing store and two of them went to a ......Chinese restuarant? haha too funny.
At 6pm we went back to Church. Once again the lesson was taught by Pat Pennington. He is such a good teacher. Our lesson tonight was about Christian Basics. He gave 4 pages of scriptures and notes. It was a discussion type lesson and it seemed everyone liked it.
After church we stood outside and talked with several of the members. They invited us back anytime and told us we were welcome to stay parked in the church's lot until we get a load.
A couple of little boys, Mathias and Andrew aka Batman climbed up into our truck to take a peek at where we lived and they played with the dogs for awhile.
It is so nice to meet new people and make new friends. I hope that we can come back here again sometime.
So now I hope that we will get a load out of here tomorrow. This heat (100+) is wearing me and the dogs down.

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