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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The end is here

Our clipboard was inside the box. Thank goodness. Someone had moved it to the front of the box and put the freight in behind it. At least we will get all our paperwork turned in and we'll get paid for it.
We got a load picking up in Huntsville, Alabama. It would deliver early the next morning to a location near Little Rock, AR. 
As we drove through Alabama we got to enjoy some very pretty scenery. We have always liked the area of Decatur and this evening it just looked extra pretty. 
We also got to pass by the space center. Normally I take pictures of the rockets but this time I got one of the stealth bomber and one of the space shuttle. 
By the time we got to the shoe tree in Cherokee it was too dark to see if my old shoes were still hanging up there.  I had thrown out my old ones because I was wearing them crooked because of my bad ankle.
When we arrived at our destination later that night, we saw that there were already 2 others trucks sitting inside the gate. We got our clearances and the truck was inspected and then we were also parked just inside the secure gate. 
In the morning we were first to get unloaded. They must have needed whatever it was that we had on the truck. 
After that we were told to deadhead to Memphis. So we did. It took us about 3 hours of me driving to get there. Pops slept.
I parked at the Flying J in West Memphis. It was Tuesday. 
It seemed that all our load offers were for trips going to Texas or Colorado. Sorry folks, we are going home.
Then a load offer came that was picking up right away at the Memphis airport. I had to negotiate the money. But they agreed to our bid.
I drove us over to the airport. What a confusing mess that always is. It is so big and there doesn't seem to be sufficient signage to be helpful. However, we finally managed to get there. We got cleared to enter but had to be escorted. We drove around and behind, a turn here and a turn there and then we were where our cargo was waiting. It only took a few minutes to get it on the truck.
And then we were leaving Memphis. Now we were headed to a destination north of Nashville.
I drove while Pops got some more sleep. It was just a little over 2 hours.
While driving there we got a predispatch. It was picking up in Louisville, Ky going to Pittsburgh, PA for Thursday morning.
After unloading, pops took us more north to a truckstop in Kentucky. We were planning to sleep here this evening and then head to Louisville on Wednesday.
We slept there. And the next morning went inside for breakfast. Another perk for truck drivers is, for every dollar that you spend at the truck stops, you get 1 point. These points build up and then you can spend them for merchandise or food. We usually let ours build up to about $25 then we go inside and get a meal, using our points to pay. We average about one free meal for each of us about every 3-4 weeks. Today we were having the breakfast buffet.
After breakfast we watched tv and waited our time to head in for our pickup. 
We were the last load of the day heading out of there and another Fedex truck was just leaving as we arrived. We were loaded quickly but it was a cold refrigerated load and it took a while for the temperatures to come back into range. But they did and away we went. 
We passed the water tower of Florence, KY. It is one of my most photographed items of our journeys.
Cincinnati looked very pretty as we drove through.
And then it was bedtime for me and Pops drove us the rest of the way.
Pittsburgh is one of the prettiest cities in the US. And it sure didn't disappoint us this time either.
We had our load off by 7am.
Then we drove to a nearby rest area. We were hoping for just one more load before being done with this job. But none came and so we headed for home.
We got home Thursday evening. We were tired and filled with emotions. We talked with Bill and Starla for awhile and then went to bed.
It was going to be a busy weekend.
We didn't sleep very well. We were so hyped up about all that needed done. Pops got started very early. He cleaned the box of the truck and all the side storage compartments. I got busy inside packing up all of our belongings and then setting them outside to move over to the house. 
Ugh, who would ever think two people could acquire so much stuff inside a truck? 
A little after noon some friends dropped by. They came to welcome us home. That was so very nice. It made us feel really good. I have missed Lettie and I know that Bill missed Doug. 
After they left we got back to work. 
It was so hot and humid and that really made the job miserable. But we trudged on. 
Late in the afternoon Tom and Sophia and baby, Mason came to visit. Oh! How great it was to get my hands on that baby. My heart exploded with joy. I made us all some grilled chicken salads and we rested the remainder of the evening.
On Saturday Pops went turkey hunting. He was so looking forward to it. I had all the stuff out of the truck, so I got deep into cleaning now. I was hoping to return the truck nice and clean just like it was when we got it. It took me most of the day, but I got it done.
Pops came home at lunch time and boy, did he have a story to tell. A bear had crept up on him and stared him right in the eye. It was only about 10 yards from him. He got two pictures of it and then sat really still although he said he was a little shaky about it. He said that after a few seconds it made a sound like, "harrumph" and the turned and walked away.
Sunday was church at Wills Mountain. It was a nice service. Many of the towns veterans were there for the Memorial Day Service. Chad preached a really good sermon too. 
It was so good to be back at Wills Mountain and know that we were back for good.
After church Pops and I had to take the truck back to Mitch and Shelly, the owners. He drove the truck and I followed behind in my car. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive to Harrisburg. 
We met Mitch and Shelly at the truckstop near their home. They checked out the truck and gave us a thumbs up. We talked with them for about an hour then we headed home. 
Tom and Sophia and of course, Mason came up again. They were spending the night. Pops and Tom were going turkey hunting in the morning and Sophia was going to hang out with me.
Starla and Bill were invited to a picnic with their friends.
I just love being a grandma. Feeding, changing poopy diapers, reading stories, just looking at him, it's the best!
The guys came in at lunch time and a little later I made a big batch of spaghetti. I make it just like my mom taught me and everyone likes it a lot.
Late in the afternoon on Monday Bill and Starla drove away, with a load of their belongings. Shortly afterward Tom, Sophia and Mason left too. Now for the first time in almost 6 years Pops and I were alone in our own house. It felt a little odd, a little quiet, but it felt good too.
It is going to take us a little while to settle in and get things just the way we want them. But we have time.
On Tuesday we woke up and sat together in the kitchen with our coffee. We were going to Cumberland today to put in some job applications. We also needed to shop for a few things like a new lawn mower and weed eater.
And then we stopped at Drew's house so that I could get Bullet. He is coming to live with me now. I'm excited to have him. But it is going to be quite a bit of adjusting for the both of us. I have always had small dogs, he is used to a fenced in yard, not a leash. 
I am sure life at home is going to be quite the adventure too. So, let it begin.

We would like to say how much we appreciate all of you that faithfully read and followed our blog. And a little surprised that many of you have asked us to keep it going. I am not sure that we could possibly be very interesting in our home life but I'm not going to close the door on the idea. 
Please continue to pray for us as we readjust. Pray that God will help us to find jobs. 
And do check back from time to time. Who knows? You just might find an update or so.
Love you all.

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