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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ducks in a row---not yet

On Monday after breakfast and spending some time (and money) shopping we headed north to Cheyenne, WY. We had a military load going to Ogden, Utah.
We picked up our load in the afternoon. It is a base that has many antelope. Actually all of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana have a lot of antelope. We saw hundreds and hundreds of them this day.
It was an enjoyable drive across Wyoming. The sun was setting as we got into Utah. 
I am loving this scenery. I am trying to be peaceful with our decision to quit. I am hoping that God will bless us with beauty and good runs. We hope to visit with some good friends. 
We have some loose ends with our decision but I have no anxiety about any of it right now. I can already see God working on some things. I see some things beginning to line up. And I am in awe of His blessings. Please continue to pray for us as we seek answers with the loose ends.
But meanwhile We are enjoying this wonderful land. 

This photo was taken while sitting at a restaurant table eating breakfast. Johnson Corners, CO

Rest area above Laramie, WY on I-80

This rock formation is called, The Devil's Slide. It is found n Utah on I-84 west, just after he I-80 I-84 split

We arrived at the Ogden base late in the evening. Our delivery was for morning. We were put into a secure hold. 
After making our delivery in the morning we drove south to Salt Lake City. We went to a truckstop t wait for a load.

Many have wondered about where we shower. Some have been under the impression that it is similar to locker room showers. BUT NO, NO, NO!
Our shower rooms are very private and are usually very nice.
We each get a free shower every time we get fuel (about every day) and also when we get work done.
If we buy showers, they cost $13.00.
Each shower has 2 locks on the door. 2 Clean, often warm, bath towels, one hand towel, a wash cloth, and floor mat.
They supply liquid soap or a clean unopened bar of soap, a clean, wrapped plastic cup and candy mints.
Most truck stops have 6-8 showers, bigger cities will sometimes have 12 or more. We don't have to wait very often.

The laundry rooms are nice. If you go in the early mornings or later in the evening, you don't wait for machines. 
At Pilot and Flying J, you can use your rewards points to start and pay for your machines. At Petro and TA you use a credit card. Of course you can still use quarters. 
Most often the cost is $2.50 per machine.
The laundry room has the technology to text you 5 minutes before your machines are done. This way you can go watch tv, get work done, or go eat without forgetting about your laundry.
Also you can check to see if machines are available before you even carry your clothes in.

After spending the night sleeping at the truckstop we got a dispatch. We had to drive near to Boise, Idaho for our pickup but we had 24 hours to get there. It was only 300 miles away. 
We decided to go right away so that we could take our time and enjoy the scenery along the way. We have seldom seen Idaho in the daylight.
It was a peaceful drive. I drove part way then Pops drove the rest. We got within 6 miles of our pickup and parked at a truckstop.

Snake River

Idaho potato field
We made our pickup the next morning. It, too, was a military base. T was just one box which loaded pretty quickly, once we actually got to see the shippers. Sometimes getting through the inspections are a nightmare.
After our drive through Idaho we came into Nevada. We were on two lane roads, riding along the tops of the Rocky Mountains. We were seeing small towns and beautiful scenery.

Native American man in the town of Owyhee on the Duck Valley Reservation.

We made our delivery Friday morning near Los Angeles. We drove to a nearby truckstop. They are rare in LA. There were at least 10 other Fedex CC trucks just like ours here. We got and excepted a dispatch. It is picking up on Monday just a few miles from us and going to Mississippi.
The weekend was long and slow. We watched many movies and cleaned the truck. 
Sunday was Mothers Day and I heard from each of my kids. 
I can't wait to be home with my family. Only three more weeks to go.
I can see God working in our lives. He is giving us good loads in places that we will probably never see again. We are getting to see and visit with friends that we may never see in this life again. 
Things back home seem to be lining up for us too. 
Still no job prospects for me, but I am not too worried yet about that.
Please continue to pray for us and for God to set us up for better service to Him.

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