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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Another scratch off the bucket list

We got a load picking up in Kansas City, MO. Pops and I have a very good friend that lives near there. But we were in a big big hurry and I didn't think we would get a chance to see her. 
However when we got to our load it wasn't ready so we had to wait for about an hour and a half. So... she would be getting off work at about the same time that we got our load on. 
We only had a short time to spare and she had another appointment but we did get to meet up for a cup of coffee. It was so great to see her. We sure crammed an awful lot of conversation into such a short period of time. What a fantastic blessing she has been to me. We squeezed each other so tightly when we parted. And I missed her before she ever drove away.
I love you, dearly, Barbara.

Pops and I had a hard time eating our lunch today. Right outside our truck, standing in the cold, a small man held a sign stating that he was a homeless vet looking for some help. I said to Pops, "I feel like I need to buy him a sandwich." Go ahead said Pops
So I walked over to the man and told him that I was going into the store, would he care for anything. He said no and thanked me. He said he was looking to get enough for a hotel room for the night.
I explained that we don't carry cash, but I would like to bring him something. Would he like a cup of coffee? He said yes, he would love a cup of coffee. So I asked him his name. His name is Roger. 
I told him that I would be right back.
I went inside the store and there was a Walmart in there. I purchased the lunch meal with coffee,  and a gift card. 
While waiting in line a young woman with a little girl came up to me and handed me some money. She said that she saw me talking to him and wanted to help pay for his sandwich. She gave me $3. 
When I brought the food and gift card to Roger, he was very grateful. And thanked me again and again. I thanked him for serving our country. 
After that I saw several people help him. 
I used to think that we didn't want to give cash, what if they want drugs or booze? But Who am I to judge? 
Is God going to reward my deeds regardless of what that person does? 
We don't carry cash. But I can buy food. 
But more importantly, we SEE him.  He is not invisible. He is a man. His name is Roger.  

Pops and I got a load picking up in Winchester, VA going to Miami, Fl. We were glad to get moving after sitting a day waiting for a load. And we heard that it was to start snowing in the Maryland, Virginia areas later this evening.
Sure enough by the time we got to Winchester and got our load on, it was snowing. It snowed really hard at times. He roads were covered and we had some big mountains between Winchester and the North Carolina line. 
We had to sit and wait near Fancy Gap for well over an hour as a wreck was cleaned off the roadway. Apparently someone's camper was totally smashed to bits during an accident.
I even had to sit for n accident in Florida, but this time it was cease someone upset their motorcycle. Ouch!
After our delivery on Friday afternoon, we drove up to a rest area in the Everglades. We had not gotten any load offers and weren't told which direction to head. So we spent the night at the rest area, listening to the sounds of silence.
On Saturday morning, we treated ourselves to an adventure. We went on an airboat tour of the Everglades. This was something that was on our bucket list of things we wanted to do while working this job. It was an incredible experience. Memories of this day will last a long time and the beauty of nature is so, God is so wonderful.

This guy is about 18 months old.

This female might be full of eggs although the guide said it is a little early.

Man, look at those teeth.

I loved this tunnel of branches.

We saw several alligators.

This mound is a gator nest.

I liked how silvery they looked.

Just drifting along.

Gosh, the earthy.

We were so hoping to get to Brunswick, GA to worship with Joe and Elenora Guthrie on Sunday, but our truck ended up in the shop for hours and hours. It was supposed to be a quick DOT inspection but  someone here did not show up to work. When he was called there was a huge fight on the phone, several more hours wait, then he came, with a BAD ATTITUDE. 
Eventually we got done. Our inspection took only 1/2 hour and we were in the shop for 4 hours!
I am not a supporter of Donald Trump for president but I believe he might be right about some floridians not wanting to work. 
So we had church with a live stream service from Dallas, TX and now we will head toward Jacksonville, FL to meet up with the Guthries for breakfast tomorrow.

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