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Saturday, March 12, 2016

1 load week

Pops and I had a very slow week. This follows up a very slow week last week. So we are getting frustrated, to say the least.
Because it is a slow week there is not much to say about it. We did a lot of tv watching, game playing, chatting with friends and family, but not much else.
Our grandson, Zachary is playing basketball. We heard of a pro player that writes scripture verses on his shoes before each game. Recently his shoe company took away their endorsement of him because of the scripture. So the company, Underarmor, endorsed him and even gave him his own line of shoes. His name is Stephen Curry. 
After hearing that story, Pops and I bought Zachary a pair of Stephen Curry shoes. Turns out that Zachary's school colors are blue and yellow.

Our only "load" this week consisted of hauling this one, small, plastic bucket of a poisonous substance. 

I am so looking forward to building a roadway similar to this in my backyard for next summer. We are getting very anxious for Mason to be born. This is Tom's first child and he is almost 35 years old. He is bursting with joy. Sophia is very excited to have her body be unoccupied real soon. 

Now, since we don't have anything interesting to share about us this week, I want to tell you about someone else.
I have made comments about my "accountability Manager." He is the one who contacts me by Wednesday if there is no blog by then. He has encouraged us and supported us throughout this entire journey. His name is Keenan Goosman.
We met him many years ago when he was in Bible college. He became very dear to our family. We encouraged and prayed for him and we still do to this day. He has a heart for God and lives to serve Him. 
Currently he is the evangelist at the Ripley Church of Christ in Ripley, WV. He is a hard and willing servant. He is always looking for others to work alongside him and prays fervently in that direction. 😜
He is married to a lovely woman, Shawna. We haven't met her personally just yet, but hope that we can real soon. 
Keenan is dad to Brookelyn 7, Addyson 5, and Grayson 6 months. 
He is a fan of Ohio State, even though he should be liking the Mountaineers. But God forgives so we must too.
He loves the outdoors and working with his hands. I might be calling him to help me re landscape our yard soon.
He is very high energy. He loves teens and working with them. He loves games. And loves spending time with his family.
One of his favorite tv shows was called, Corner Gas. It was a Canadian show, filmed near Regina, Saskatchewan, in Canada. He got us hooked on that goofy show too. The only thing was, in our area it came on tv at 6am. So I was getting up early just to watch that show.
At one point in our travels, Pops and I visited the place in Regina where the show was filmed. It was a definite highlight to our travels. Even though it was the off season for filming, the buildings and sets were accessible and the little store had a few souvenirs left over. We got ourselves a few and sent some back for Keenan.
Thank you, Keenan, for your friendship all these years. Thank  you for praying for us and for all the times you encouraged and boosted our spirits. You are a good friend and a great Accountability Manager.

Keenan with baby, Grayson.

Brookelyn, Shawna, Grayson, Addyson and Keenan.

Keenan in action.
Working with the teens.

Pops and I attended church services with the people of Heartland Christian a Church in Marion, Illinois. It was a very welcoming congregation. 
After services we used a gift card that we had gotten for Christmas and went to lunch at Red Lobster.
We have a Monday/Tuesday load. So at least there's that.
Thank you for your prayers.

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