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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall and walking

Just some clouds rolling in.

It seems like Fall is in full force every where we have been traveling. But Autumn in upstate New York was fabulous this year. The colors are just gorgeous. 
Back home in Pennsylvania it has been a little dry lately and the leaves turned brown too early. 

We had a week that just didn't seem to want to get started. Monday we turned down load after load until we got one that we liked. Then we had a big deadhead (driving empty) to our pickup in upstate New York. 
We stopped in Erie, PA at one of our favorite places to walk, the Walmart there. We only stayed long enough to walk and then eat supper.
We picked it up Tuesday morning in the rain. 
Then we drove south. Our delivery was near Scranton, PA and we drove in rain most of the day.
We were wondering about all the training and testing from last week. We weren't being offered any of those specialized loads and just didn't understand why. Oh well, they must be having trouble covering the military and government loads because that was all we were being offered. We delivered our load late that afternoon and was now heading toward southern Virginia for our next pickup.
We were due to pickup on Wednesday morning, so we had some extra time. We stopped in Winchester Virgina to walk and eat our supper.
Pops and I are doing real well with our walking now.i am getting better than 2.5 miles each time and he is doing 3.5+. We are trying to get at least 2 miles in each of the 48 continuous states. We only have 13 more to go.

Miles per state- walking

Arizona- Pops 17.8, Noni 10 miles

Arkansas- Pops 9, Noni 5.8

California- Pops 9.5, Noni 8.3
Colorado- Pops 2.5, Noni 1.75
Florida - Pops 2.12, Noni 1.37 
Georgia- Pops 4.78, Noni 3.78
Idaho- Pops 2.1, Noni 2
Illinois- Pops 9.25 Noni 6
Indiana- Pops 16.3, Noni 9
Iowa- Pops 8.9, Noni 6
Kansas- Pops 2, Noni 1.2
Kentucky- Pops 2.1, Noni 1.5
Maryland- Pops 7.9,  Noni 5.6
Massachusetts- Pops 4, Noni 2.5
Michigan- Pops 7, Noni 4.3
Minnesota- Pops 6.25 Noni 2
Mississippi-Pops 7.8, Noni 5.8
Missouri- Pops 3.9, Noni 2
Montana Pops 2.4, Noni 2.3
Nebraska- Pops 6.5, miles, Noni 3.3
Nevada- Pops 4.7 Noni 3.6
New Mexico- Pops 8, Noni 5
New York- Pops 20.3,  Noni 20.3
North Carolina- Pops 5.2, Noni 3.8
North Dakota- Pops 2, Noni 2
Ohio- Pops 28.9,  Noni 23.3
Oklahoma- Pops 6.2,  Noni 3
Pennsylvania- Pops 161.5 Noni 85.3
South Carolina- Pops 11.3,   Noni 10
Tennessee- Pops 7.64, Noni 4.3
Texas- 13,  Noni 10.5
Utah- Pops 6,  Noni 2
Virginia- Pops 22.9, Noni 15.5
West Virginia- Pops 2.12, Noni 1.4
Wisconsin- Pops 22, Noni 17.8

South Dakota
New Jersey
Rhode Island
New Hampshire

On Wednesday we arrived early at our pickup. It was a radioactive load and it was a short distance delivery so logically it should only take 3-4 hours but because of all the inspections, red tape, and hoops to jump through with radioactive materials, this delivery took most of the day.
After we made that delivery we drove to a big shopping plaza in Frederick,MD to wait for a load. Of course we walked and ate supper. We did get a load picking up Thursday morning in Newark, NJ and going to Memphis, TN for Friday morning. 
So later that evening Pops drove us closer to New Jersey.
Newark is very close to New York City. 

We were in and out of there in no time. We beat the early morning traffic, got loaded, and got back out right away. Now we had about 21 hours to our delivery Friday morning.
We stopped in Marion, Virginia this time to walk and eat. It was dark already but we just made circles around the stores. After eating we got moving again. 
We still have heard any more of our training and no load offers of that kind. We couldn't figure out what was going on.
We arrived to our delivery location and there were 2 trucks in front of us. We were told it would be an hour until we got unloaded even though we had a delivery appointment. After an hour passed, we were told it was going to be another hour. Oh well.
We did get unloaded and then drove to a nearby truck stop to wait for another took all day to get a load that we were interested in. It doesn't pick up until Monday. So now we can plan our weekend.
We need our rooftop air conditioner hasn't worked for about a Pops made an appointment for tomorrow morning.
We walked at a nearby Shopping plaza in Southaven, MS and then spent the night there. In the morning we drove to the ac repair shop. It only took 10 minutes to find out that the unit was defective and needed is covered under warranty so we ordered a unit and will have to get back to Memphis area to get it replaced. Then we went to the Flying J in Olive Branch,MS. We walked there around some closed businesses and just had an enjoyable day. I got to play with a little white dog for a few minutes and I was happy then but a few minutes later I was so heartbroken and sad because I miss having a dog so much.

We watched movies the rest of the day.
On Sunday we went to church at Christview Christian Church in Southaven, MS. We have been here several times before and have made friends here. It was so good to see them especially Stacy. 
Jeremy Harper preached a good sermon called, A Good Coach, from 2 Timothy chapter 1. Oh, I just love getting back to friends in the Lord.
We came back to Walmart and shopped for our groceries. Pops watched football this afternoon. Then later this evening we walked again.
We got news about our training last week. Our truck has a bit of an issue. The temperature unit is off by 1 1/2 degrees! 1 and a half degrees! So tomorrow morning before we go to our pickup, we will head to a repair shop to get our temp unit adjusted. Then we should be in great shape, well as soon as we get back to here for our ac unit.
Have a great week. Tell someone about Jesus.

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