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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You mean it's only Wednesday?

Well the Lord brought us to another good church. It was the First Christian Church in Jackson, TN. We didn’t get any response back from a phone call that I made but we decided to go anyway hoping that parking wouldn’t be a problem.
The church building was a big white beautiful building with another very large white building next to it. We saw a large parking lot on the side of the big building and parked there. We waited hoping to see where the people were entering and saw that most were going down some stairs and into what looked like the basement.
It turns out it was the basement. The main air conditioner of the Church building isn’t working so they were having services in the gym/basement of the big building.
We met a family going in at the same time that we were. The woman’s name was Connie and she took us right under her wing. Her husband was Ken and they were the parents of a gorgeous young girl named Mariah.
Connie introduced us to many people including Adam Steele who is the youth minister there. She also showed us to the Sunday School classrooms. The two classes being offered the adults were a class on Romans and one on Ephesians. So since Romans was just taught at our Camp Meeting last week we decided to go to the class on Ephesians.
This class was being taught by a man named Alan. They are just beginning to study this book and this week was the first and so the introduction to the book of Ephesians. There was a lot of history and interesting points brought out during the introduction and what made it even better was that Alan and his wife had actually toured through Ephesus just two years ago.
Pops and I found this class very interesting.
After Sunday School we went back to the gym for services. We found out that this church is looking for a preacher. We don’t know why but I think this congregation seems solid and would be a good ministry for someone.
Anyway the youth minister, Adam brought a good sermon on abiding in the vine. He did a really good job and we enjoyed the services.
We left right after church because we needed to get groceries and we had a pickup this afternoon today too.
Our pickup was a place that was only using a skeleton crew on this Sunday. So we had to wait for someone to come and help us out. Then there was a glitch in the paperwork and we had to have this man hunted down and after about 2 hours we finally got to pull away from there. Now we were on our way to Ontario.
I was driving and Pops was laying down. It had just started to rain. But then it began to rain really hard. We were driving through Nashville and just in the short time while driving around Nashville I saw 4 different accidents due to the rain.
Somewhere near Louisville, KY Pops and I switched over driving and I went to sleep. We were going to Detroit and then just across the Canadian border and in about 8 miles to our delivery.
Pops had to wake me to cross the border and so I stayed awake to help him find our delivery site and then stayed awake to re-cross the border and then I went back to sleep. From border, to delivery, and back to border took about 2 hours total.
So I woke up a little later in the morning and we were parked at a truckstop north of Toledo, OH. Pops was playing with his Ipad and I worked on cleaning up the inside of the truck. It didn’t take too long and then I took the dogs outside to play. We didn’t stay out more than a half hour though because it was hot. It seems to be extra hot all over right now.
A little later in the afternoon we were offered a load that was picking up in West Virginia, that’s right I said WV, and was going to Baldwyn, MS. So we took off for WV. It was going to take most of the day to drive there. And it was slow going because the Ohio turnpike was under construction and then we got onto the back roads that followed the Ohio River for many many miles. It was slow going. Our company kept bugging us about time because the pickup company was closing at 9pm. We did our very best to get there as soon as we could and we did well considering we left Michigan and drove to West Virginia and I am proud to say that we arrived there at 10 minutes to 9.
So we made that pick up and then we were off to Mississippi. While on our way we got a predispatch that picked up in Alabama and was going to East Camden, AR. Wow we were really excited to be moving so well.
So we delivered in Mississippi caught a quick breath and then got on our way toward Huntsville, AL.
It was a nice drive and really didn’t take too long. The city of Decatur, AL is very pretty. We were picking up a Dept. of Defense load so I can’t talk too much about it but it was an easy pickup with nothing really interesting going on at all anyway except that it was raining so very hard that we both got totally soaked while getting in and out of the truck.
The whole pickup there took just over 20 minutes and now we were headed to East Camden, AR. While on the way we got another predispatch so we would deliver and then pick up another load at the same location and then go to Grand Prairie, TX.
I drove us to Memphis and a little ways into Arkansas and then Pops took over driving. I went to sleep. Pops woke me up when we were only about 2 miles from our delivery. We arrived at the gate and had to wait an hour to get inside but once inside they unloaded us and reloaded us right away. That was good. And now off to Texas.
Pops drove us until we got into the Texas Welcome Center and then I drove from there. We had been to this place before so it was pretty easy to find.
We got unloaded right away and then drove back toward Dallas to a truckstop. So here we sit waiting for a load. It is Wednesday and we have had a pretty good week so far. We are getting a few load offers but nothing that we are really interested in just yet. Pops needs to sleep and he is too busy playing on his Ipad.
I have laundry to do but can’t do it until I see if we are going to get a load or not. I want to shower also, but I mostly wanted to catch up on this blog. I know that I have people who will scold me if I get too far behind.
I really want to do better, I always have good intentions, but time always gets away from me.  But anyway here it is.
I have a dear friend, Henry Bounds, that needs your prayers right now. His heart is not good and he is in the hospital with some issues now. The doctors really don’t know how to treat him because everything is just too risky. Please pray for him and his family.
Also, Pops and I would like your prayers too. Please ask that God leads us in the right direction regarding a decision that we need to make. 

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