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Friday, July 27, 2012

Unexpected Hometime

We were offered a load that was picking up only about 30 miles from us and going to Buffalo, NY. It paid pretty well and we do ok from the Buffalo area usually normally so we accepted and got the load.
After our showers we fueled the truck and then went to our place of pickup. It didn’t take more than 15 minutes to get loaded and get away from there. So now we were figuring our route to Buffalo.
Pops told me that we would be traveling north in a route that was going to go through Beckley, WV. Remember that is where the big bridge is that I hate. But he would be driving by then and maybe I would be sleeping.
So I began the drive and was going north up and over the Smokey Mountains. They are so incredibly beautiful. I never get tired of seeing them. I don’t always like to be the one driving though. They are steep and curvy although this route is not as bad as another one we travel. But I was driving so I drove slow and enjoyed the scenery.
After a while it was Pops’ turn to drive and I sat up front and caught up on my facebook and played some games on the Ipad until it was time to go to sleep. I was, in fact, still awake when we crossed the New River Gorge Bridge. And to make it all worse, there was road construction on the bridge so that it was only one lane going our direction and of course it was the outside lane nearest the edge! Good grief.
Right after crossing that I went to bed.
When I woke up we were at a service plaza near Erie, PA. We made some coffee and took the dogs out and then went for a big walk to other side of the highway to use the restrooms and stretch our legs. Then I began to drive.
It wasn’t long until I crossed the NY state line and was immediately pulled over by a trooper. He said he could hear our tires making a noise and needed to check it out to see if we had a flat tire. He also asked for the laminate instruction for our C link computer. (I was asked for this last week at the weigh station when I was pulled in, our truck does not have one. I was emailed one and printed it out.) I gave the NY trooper the printed copy that I had been emailed and he refused it. He wanted the actual laminated one. He gave me a written warning for not having it with me in the truck. No Fair!
We called our owner and explained what had just happened and they promised to send us one by Monday.
We were predispatched on a load that is picking up in Baltimore and going to Alabama. But it didn’t pick up until Monday so we have the weekend free. Pops and I figured our route options and realized that we could home for the weekend without going more than 50 miles out of route. We were excited.
So once we got the Buffalo load off we headed toward home. It wasn’t very far really but there was no easy way to go. There were no good interstates that way so it was winding, two-lane roads through many small towns with low speed limits and it took most of the day to get home. But we did get there before supper time.
Bill P. wasn’t home from work yet and the kids were coming too. I helped Starla finish making ham pot pie for supper.
I got our laundry started and sorted through the mountain of mail. It was so good to be home unexpectedly. Since we didn’t know we were getting home, we hadn’t any plans so we just got to sit and relax and be part of the family’s weekend. I loved it.
I wanted to see the boys so I asked if they had a few minutes to get together at all. Tom agreed to meet us for breakfast early Saturday because he had ball practice later and then work, and on Sunday he already had plans to go to Pittsburgh to see a ballgame.
Drew also had ball practice and he was going to Shanksville to pick up first so he couldn’t come to breakfast but he could come after practice and bring his friend to the house, then he had to work.
We stayed up late Friday night just enjoying our time with Bill and Starla and the kids were showing Pops how to add games to his Ipad and taking pictures and just having a nice time.
The next morning we got up early and met Tom at Bob Evans for breakfast. We had a real nice visit with him. I am so proud of my kids. We had a good breakfast and talked for a few hours before he had to leave. I gave him a big hug goodbye. I always hate it when its time to part from each other. A little bit of heart always goes along with them.
We went then and got some groceries. I needed to get stuff to make the tres leche cake and spaghetti for tomorrow dinner after church and I wanted to get some stuff for supper tonight too.
Starla used the leftover ham to make ham, green beans and potatoes for lunch on Saturday. Drew came up and introduced us to his friend, Shelbie. She is very nice and we enjoyed our visit with her. She is very pretty too. He met her through a mutual friend and she plays ball on his prison league team.
They hung around for a few hours and then he had to take her home before going to work. He told us that we would see him in the morning at church. He changed into his work clothes before leaving the house. He looks so impressive in his prison guard uniform.
The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. We didn’t do much of anything except just hang out. It was rainy outside and the kids fished a little bit, but we didn’t really do anything else.
On Sunday morning Pops and I got up earlier than everyone else and left for church in time so that I could attend the First Place group. We all have just started a new book by a new author and everything was new and different and the meeting was very good. I love being with these women so much.
It happened to be Pulpit Switch Sunday this week. We have 5 churches in our brotherhood that every month that has 5 Sundays will exchange preachers with one of the other 5. So each congregation get a different preacher on that Sunday. It is an interesting concept and it seems like a nice change of pace for everyone. We were blessed to have Bob Long from Laurel Highlands at Wills Mt. this morning.
Bob had agreed to also bring us our Sunday school lesson and he talked about the Holy Spirit and the Trinity. It was good to discuss this topic.
After Sunday School he preached a sermon on Kingdom Building. I do so appreciate being encouraged with a good sermon and also need the rebuking and correcting that also comes with it.
After church we had our weekly dinner at the church. I made a huge batch of spaghetti and the cake. There was a lot of good food there. I sat with Jeff and Jane. I miss them and their friendship on a regular basis.
I got to give hugs to the 3 young people that had gotten baptized since we left home after Camp Meeting. It seems like our young people are catching on fire spiritually and that is good.
After church we went back to the house and hung out. Kailey and Hunter were target shooting with their bows. They are getting pretty good with them too.
Later in the day we traveled over to Friedens to Laurel Highlands Church of Christ for a hymn sing. Amy and Kacey were there so I got to sit with and visit with them. I also got to see many friends from 6 different churches. Christian friends are the best friends.
This has been a great weekend. Like I said, we didn’t have anything planned for us so we got to do what we wanted, but mainly just relaxed and enjoyed being part of everything that we used to take for granted.
One thing I learned by having this job is never ever take your family, your home, your friends, or your church for granted.

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