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Friday, March 9, 2012

More and more East

It didn't take us long to pick up and head to Minneapolis. We were hauling "seals." But I don't know what kind of seals. It could've been anything I guess. We were just hoping that the company would be open since we thought we would get there late in the evening. But there was no reason to worry, they were open and they took the load right away.
It was beginning to snow.
We were offered a load while getting unloaded so we accepted and we were on our way to another dispatch as soon as we were unloaded. This load picked up in Wisconsin the next morning and was going to Michigan, near Detroit.
Pops was driving now. The snow didn't last too long. He drove for several hours through the night.
The next morning we picked up and then began our drive to Michigan.
Wisconsin is a beautiful state and so we enjoyed the scenery. We were trying to reach and get through the Chicago area before "rush hour." We did.
It seemed to me that the states and the hours were all blending together. Pops was driving again. He was being kind to me. We had had a long week of driving and he was giving me a break by doing this driving. We figure and were betting on our week being done once we delivered this load to Michigan.
Our delivery was really close the Detroit airport and I loved watching and hearing the planes fly right over us.
We were hauling a load that was being transferred to another truck so we had to wait until he showed up to transfer, while waiting we were offered another load.
We were wanting desperately to get home so we weren't sure what to do. Michigan is no too far from home but would we get the load offers going east? This load was to North Carolina.We usually do well from there and may get home sooner if we take that load. We thought it may be the best choice so we accepted the load.
I looked on the map to see where we would be when we delivered and saw that we would be within 60 miles of our friends, Wayne and Nadine. I called Nadine and told her that we were coming close and planned on being with them to worship on Sunday. She was excited and so was I. I hadn't seen her in a long time and was looking forward to seeing her again.
Pops and I drove to the pickup and pulled through the gate. Pops went inside to find out which dock to back up to and came out shaking his head. He told me that our load was going to cancel because they needed a tractor trailer no a truck our size. We waited to get official word from our company and sure enough we got word.
We were now in Todedo, OH. So we found a truckstop and prepared to spend the night. It was very windy and I thought we blow over.
The next morning I called Nadine to tell her that our load had cancelled. Of course she was disappointed just as I was.
And then Pops called our truck owner, Tate and we were told to go home. It was 5 hours away, but we were going home.

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